On the Tour


Grinding in Style

  QED has made the statement that “Style is taking five extra minutes in the morning.”  Just five. This statement alone is so reflective of QED Style. It’s not about flash and fame with these guys. It’s doing one extra thing really well. The brand is simple but efficient and memorable. It isn’t PGA Tour rock stars (well not yet… Read more →


For the Pursuit

  Spring Shoot 15- Best Men’s Design Detail- CHASE54- Cruise SS Polo   If we all know that perfection is impossible, why do we shoot for this pedestal in every facet of our lives? Why on earth would ANYONE shoot for the perfect golf score, unless they are cruisin’ for a bruisin’ of the soul?! The pursuit of perfection is… Read more →


True Genius

You know a product is worth the investment when every guy you talk to that has tried it could write their own blog post on how much they value the many features it offers, and you hear multiple times that it is “genius.” Meet NexBelt, the belt with no holes. I had never heard of NexBelt till this past May… Read more →

DeLaet’s Puma Debut

Graham DeLaet will debut his partnership with Puma Golf at the Farmers Insurance Open on January 23, 2014. DeLaet will hit the course fully suited in PUMA Golf apparel, accessories and headwear. Showcasing his Canadian roots, DeLaet will wear Canada’s national colors, red and white, every Sunday on Tour. PUMA Golf will support DeLaet’s signature Sunday look by using the… Read more →


3 Q’s of Golf Fashion: Q #3: The Pros Are Doing it Why Can’t We?

Well, the answer here is actually simple.  You can.   To answer the question of” why shouldn’t you” will take a bit more conversation.  Keep in mind, most tour pros have sponsorships with apparel companies that determine what they wear on the course.  As with some “superstar” golfers, like Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler, a company’s apparel line is greatly influenced… Read more →

Wear This Not That

Nike Golf does a great job of making sure their tour pros are styled in apparel that fits each individual golfer’s style and personality.  I am not sure how they do it, because I feel like they have a hundred pros on staff, but they manage this strategy quite well.  Kevin Chappell is a young, athletic guy from Cali, and… Read more →


Up and Down- PGA Championship

Allow me to start on a down note, because the majority of this post will focus on the up. The down of the 2013 PGA Championship for this golf apparel blogger is that I saw basically none of it. In short, my cable provider Time Warner Cable (poor choice it seems) has recently put the CBS Network on blackout. Additionally,… Read more →