In Your Face Augusta!

Despite what you have heard, not everything the eye can see at the Masters is pristine. There are a few patrons donning “in your face” golf apparel that will immediately affirm that you are not actually IN Heaven.  I was able to capture shots of several said patrons (Please see below) so that everyone would have the chance to “appreciate” the display.  However, this got me thinking.  What is the appeal of wearing such crazy/wacky/loud, golf apparel anyway?!  I  have never been attracted to the Loudmouth Golf style, made famous by John Daly. (I cannot verify that all pants/shorts seen below are Loudmouth Golf brand)  So, since I am biased against the look, I decided to reach out to my Twitter followers (@KaraKoo) and find out why golf fans like or dislike the familiar audacious apparel line.

“Love all my Loudmouth pants, hats & shirts. Never play without them, I get compliments on every course!” – @greggv728

“They (Loudmouth) fit me better than any other golf clothes I have tried!” – @jfarhood

“Loudmouth rocks.  Go loud or go home!” – @Michael_King09

“They (Loudmouth) aren’t for me. Don’t want the ‘I just escaped from a circus’ look when I play golf.” – @wesleywhamond

“Over priced and too crazy. Reminds me of Scott Hochs Tabasco Sauce clothing line.” – @mrieger72

“High quality and very comfortable pants, on top of a unique look. I like to at least look good when I don’t play well.” – @westcoastwilleh

Great feedback! My personal take is that Loudmouth faithful seem to portray that it is permissible for older guys, or those who should avoid drawing any more attention to their “problem areas” as we females like to call them, to wear this overstated look.  It comes across very obnoxious and attention-seeking, rather than adding true style and uniqueness.  BUT, who am I to squash a guy’s opportunity to have fun and get noticed for a day?

Check out Loudmouth Golf and decide for yourself if you will be their next LOUDEST fan!

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