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I am going to be right up front from the start on this one. This review might be the most difficult I have ever written. Allow me to shed some background, as to how reviews on Fairway Threads typically come to fruition. Brands are mentioned and covered, if and only if, they are highly relevant on the PGA Tour, or they have become interest to me either via social media or an in-person viewing. I do not accept product for review from any brand that I do not like their design, fit or both. I do not cover every brand that reaches out to me, or that I see at a PGA Merchandise Show, because I want to be honest and unbiased, without being intentionally negative. If I can tell off the bat that I do not like the style of apparel offered, I simply decline a review.

There are rare times that I reach out to a company and ask to review their product because I find it so good looking, as is the case with Tail Activewear. Tail is an activewear brand that offers apparel targeted for golf, tennis, yoga, etc.  Unfortunately, as we all know, some apparel looks better on a model or on a hanger, than it does on us.  Some brands just don’t fit us well, no matter how much we would like them to.


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First, the fabric did not wow me. Compared to other brands I have tried, there was nothing that stood out about the fabric. It would likely perform well on the golf course and it was comfortable, just not memorable.  I will say, you can likely find some very cute pieces in their offering, but I suggest purchasing in person at a retail store such as PGA Superstore, etc.  I found that the Tail pants do not run “true to size.” The Mulligan Capri (shown in gray), one of Tail’s most popular pants, was at least 2 sizes smaller than the size they were listed as.  Additionally, they were pull-on pants with no zipper, which made them even more difficult to wear.  The pair I received were a size 6 and were uncomfortably tight on my size 4 model.  The shirts were too short for my liking, and did not seem conducive to keeping me fully covered during a golf swing.

I did like the white skort chosen for the shoot.  It was actually a tennis skort from the Chrissie by Tail line, featuring an assymetric mesh ruffle.  I sometimes wear tennis skorts for golf and some of my friends do too, so I wanted to check out this line.  Several others at the photo shoot did not like it because they felt it was too frilly, however.

In conclusion, I would not likely golf in Tail’s golf collection.  BUT…please do not let my experience keep you from trying Tail. If their collection strikes your eye in person, by all means, try it on and you be the judge. We all have different preferences and body types.


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Thoughts on Tail from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Ryley- “The material of the Tail pants was very comfortable, but I prefer my pants to be a bit longer and not so tight.”

Kristin- “I liked the white skort. I also liked the piping and the color details on all the Tail shirts.”

Kelly- “The shirt styles were fitted and more unique. Really liked the brand.”


Take a look at Tail Activewear for golf.



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  1. October 7, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    Oh no, Kara! We are so bummed to hear you weren’t WOWed by the Tail apparel you reviewed. We stand behind our products 100% and would love for your readers to give us a try and decide for themselves. We offer free shipping and free returns on our website at (so there’s no risk to give us a shot!)

    We would also like to offer Fairway Threads readers a 20% discount off their entire purchase using the promo code MULLIGAN20. The Mulligan is our best-selling bottom and a customer favorite across all ages and sizes, and we’d love for your readers to put them to the test on the course and see why for themselves!

    Tail Activewear leads the industry in fit, fabric, and fashion, and we are proud to stand behind that claim with world class customer service. If you ever have ANY issue with a Tail product or need advice on fit or which styles will best suit your body type, feel free to reach out to us at or 888.906.1341.

    Best of luck to you, Kara!

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