Fashion First

  Often people interchange the terms “golf apparel” and “golf fashion.” People ask me, “Oh, you cover golf fashion?” The reply is no, because I cover golf apparel, whether it is considered “fashion” or not. Not all golf apparel is fashion by definition, or “a popular trend for a particular time.” The topic of golf fashion is of interest to… Read more →

Nothin’ But Nike

  I have zero facts to back this up, but I would venture to say, that if you had everyone on earth play the game show Family Fued and you had “Athletic Apparel” as one of the categories, “Nike” would be the top guessed answer. Nike and sports just go hand-in-hand like Nelly and gold teeth. Nike has made a… Read more →

Few of My Favorite Things

GFORE Gloves I have encouraged followers many times to “add a pop of color” to your golf apparel and find ways to make your look appropriately fun and unique. This is just the thing GFORE does best. Help golfers stand out with style. If you haven’t heard of GFORE gloves by now, I would be shocked. The brand was built… Read more →


True Genius

You know a product is worth the investment when every guy you talk to that has tried it could write their own blog post on how much they value the many features it offers, and you hear multiple times that it is “genius.” Meet NexBelt, the belt with no holes. I had never heard of NexBelt till this past May… Read more →

Buckle Down

Think about Elvis for a minute. Not the young, attractive, movie star Elvis. Vegas Elvis. What is he wearing, besides the hideous bejeweled jumpsuit? How about the massive belt buckle statement piece? I just recently attended the PGA Fashion show in Las Vegas. Let me assure you, the belts represented at the show might not have been the overpowering accessory… Read more →


Why Wear Ordinary Polos?!

There is a fine line between fun and unique, and tacky.  British golf apparel company, Bunker Mentality, is typically on-point with their funky, yet attractive, designs.  Bunker Mentality’s goal is to “create new traditions and future classics in golf apparel.” Their polos have a modern and fashion forward spirit for people who love golf and have a different mentality. This… Read more →


What’s Hot this Summer?

Walk into any golf retailer, visit your local club or watch coverage of the PGA Tour.  A few key fashion trends really stand out for the 2013 Spring/Summer golf season.  As seen in the July Issue of Avid Golfer Magazine’s cover story The Hot List, below is Fairway Thread’s take on what is hot in golf apparel this summer.  … Read more →