What’s Hot this Summer?

Walk into any golf retailer, visit your local club or watch coverage of the PGA Tour.  A few key fashion trends really stand out for the 2013 Spring/Summer golf season.  As seen in the July Issue of Avid Golfer Magazine’s cover story The Hot List, below is Fairway Thread’s take on what is hot in golf apparel this summer.  

Color: Electric Blue
Puma calls it “Brilliant Blue,”  Sligo Wear calls it “Brooklyn Blue.”  Either way, electric/neon blue is the color of the season.  It is bold without being intimidating to wear, it looks great on everyone, it is readily available and it pops on the golf course.  Pair this shade of blue with white, black, or gray.  Remember, you are not Rickie Fowler.  You might get away with one bright accent color, such as yellow or orange, but only if used sparingly.  
Brand: Sligo Wear, Asher Gloves
If you visit a major golf retailer, such as Golf Smith or Golf Galaxy, you will immediately see a good selection of the major brands:  Puma, Nike Golf and adidas.  All three brands have great looks available in their spring/summer collections.  I would have to say the “trendiest” brand, may still be Travis Mathew.  You will see many celebrities/athletes, wearing this label on the golf course, as well as, just about everyone else.  However, if you are looking for a brand with a lot of personality, tremendous style and great design, try Sligo Wear.  Sligo offers a range of offerings from super bold to uniquely colorful.  Worn by PGA Tour standouts Graham DeLaet and Brian Gay, I have seen Sligo start popping up on a number of fans at tour events.  
Also take a look at Asher Gloves for ridiculously affordable, yet ever so hot and stylish gloves.
Style: Bold Patterns
In a word: bold.  Bold patterns and designs have taken over golf apparel.  This doesn’t have to mean “in your face” obnoxious, like that of Loudmouth Golf’s collection, rather, strategic use of unique designs and color combinations to make pieces interesting and stand out.  Some selections are more agreeable than others, as a little flare goes a long way.  However, one thing is certain, bold is in and you shouldn’t be afraid to step out of your “plain polo” comfort zone.   

Avid Golfer July Issue- The Hot List- http://www.avidgolferonline.com/issues/2013/1307agdfw/cover-story-the-hot-list.aspx

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