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Fine Design

  The game of golf has always carried with it an element of exclusivity. In an effort to grow the game, the golf industry has made a place for those not belonging to high-investment golf clubs, and heading to work in suits every morning. However, there will always be a classy, luxurious side of golf, that I personally hope never… Read more →

A Wave of Awesome

    Travis Mathew might as well go ahead and trademark the word “awesome” within the golf industry. The brand has used it in their marketing/advertising campaigns and social media for so long that it almost seems like theft if anyone else uses it. Sometimes I look at Travis Mathew Instagram posts and wonder if a more appropriate word for… Read more →

kristin's shirt

You Be The Judge

  I am going to be right up front from the start on this one. This review might be the most difficult I have ever written. Allow me to shed some background, as to how reviews on Fairway Threads typically come to fruition. Brands are mentioned and covered, if and only if, they are highly relevant on the PGA Tour,… Read more →

Tale of Two Thoughts

  Typically, we either love a brand or we don’t. It either fits well, or it doesn’t. This is not the case for me with PGA Tour Apparel. PGA Tour Ladies Apparel is a brand under the Perry Ellis International Corporation. It is a brand that will surprise you. While searing through retail stores for golf apparel you will likely… Read more →


Go With What You Know

  Spring Shoot 15- Best Jacket- Puma Golf Track Jacket (Raspberry)   For those of you with zero background in marketing or advertising, have you ever wondered why companies spend so much time and money on brand solidification and awareness? Have you ever gone shopping and picked one product over another because you knew the brand and believed it to… Read more →

Timeless Golf Apparel

  Spring Shoot 15- Best Skort- Greg Norman Perfect Fit Slimming Skort   “Oh noooooo.” This was my direct quote when I read the “About Us” page of the Greg Norman Collection website. Specifically where they state “Greg Norman Collection is a leading distributor of golf-inspired sportswear and accessories targeting active, sophisticated men and women who range in age from… Read more →


Grinding in Style

  QED has made the statement that “Style is taking five extra minutes in the morning.”  Just five. This statement alone is so reflective of QED Style. It’s not about flash and fame with these guys. It’s doing one extra thing really well. The brand is simple but efficient and memorable. It isn’t PGA Tour rock stars (well not yet… Read more →

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  Spring Shoot 15- Best Ladies Design Detail- EP Sport- D’Orsay Keyhole Top   I used to hate ladies golf apparel. In fact, I used to specifically avoid taking offers to review ladies golf apparel, and I did not follow this segment of the golf apparel industry. This might seem a bit strange, since many start blogs on the hope… Read more →


For the Pursuit

  Spring Shoot 15- Best Men’s Design Detail- CHASE54- Cruise SS Polo   If we all know that perfection is impossible, why do we shoot for this pedestal in every facet of our lives? Why on earth would ANYONE shoot for the perfect golf score, unless they are cruisin’ for a bruisin’ of the soul?! The pursuit of perfection is… Read more →

A Proper Top 10

  Spring Shoot 15- Best Men’s Shirt- Devereux Orange Wave Shirt   Ever wonder about the meaning of something, but never ask the question to gain enlightenment? I think we all probably do this more often than we think. I have wondered exactly what Devereux meant by their tagline “Proper Threads,” since the inception of the brand in 2013. It… Read more →