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Spring Shoot 15- Best Ladies Design Detail- EP Sport- D’Orsay Keyhole Top


EP Sport 8

I used to hate ladies golf apparel. In fact, I used to specifically avoid taking offers to review ladies golf apparel, and I did not follow this segment of the golf apparel industry. This might seem a bit strange, since many start blogs on the hope to garner enough “sample items” to supply their golf needs.  However, I have always stood by the principal that if I wouldn’t wear it, or suggest it be worn, I won’t allow it to be shipped to me for consideration. Until recently, I found very little golf apparel that I would wear.


EP Sport 9

Sure, I had to golf in something. So, I stuck to plain & simple, and instead only covered men’s golf fashion. Something happened a year or so ago that convinced me to reconsider ladies golf apparel brands. Gaudy & dated started being replaced with FUN & flirty. Hallelujah! Today, if I hung my golf apparel in with the rest of my wardrobe and just started pulling pieces out, not allowing you to touch the fabric, you would likely have a challenge picking out which items were actual golf apparel labels. I often wear golf shirts or pants off the course, because they are fashionable and fun. Ladies golf apparel is finally where it should be: versatile and desired.


EP Sport 10

If I had the opportunity to gather a group of 50 women under the age of 40 in a room and had racks of ladies golf apparel spread out before them, I would put good money on one rack getting the most attention. It would house the many lovely pieces of EP Sport by EP Pro golf apparel. The design details are absolutely enticing. From flattering and unique color palettes to interesting cutouts, EP Sport could be the most refreshingly fashionable line I have seen in ladies golf. Yes, I mean that. Especially considering the depth of the line. We are talking multiple pieces not simply a couple of gorgeous golf dresses.


EP Sport 6

There are a couple of things I would point out, however. This brand is more Posh Spice, not Sporty Spice. If you are looking for something totally sporty and traditional, I would stick with another option. Also, I found that sizes tend to be small.  I would highly suggest ordering a size up from  your “normal.”  The shirts were longer through the torso, which is a huge bonus for me. I will never understand why all golf shirts are not made longer for ladies. Hello! A full range of motion will be taken in the shirt, you would think apparel designers would allot for that, yet it continues to be a struggle.


Calling all females that appreciate stylish and flirty apparel and wanna have some fun with their golf looks! I think I have found your new obsession.


EP Sport 4

Thoughts on EP Sport from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Ryley- “The long-sleeved shirt I wore was one of my favorite pieces. Although it was long-sleeved it was still very cool and breathable. I loved the keyhole detail at the neck.”

Kristin- “The fabric felt great! It was soft and lightweight and flowed with my movements. However, the cut of the hood on the sweatshirt was a bit too small and awkward.”


Were there any items that others tried that struck you?

Kristin- “I loved the details of the other two EP Sport shirts that Kara and Ryley wore. The cutout back and the keyhole collar were subtle, but added a lot of style.”


What brands would you purchase and why?

Ryley- “I would purchase EP Sport. I am a runner & could wear some of the pieces for that as well.”

Sarah- “The long-sleeved pink shirt that Kristin wore was so cute!”


EP Sport 5

For a behind-the-scenes look at the EP Pro and EP Sport Fall 2015 Collections click here.

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  1. August 14, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    These looms are so wearable! I would love to own these and I don’t even play! The style and looks are so fun and creative–very different for golf apparel. A +.

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