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Spring Shoot 15- Best Men’s Design Detail- CHASE54- Cruise SS Polo


If we all know that perfection is impossible, why do we shoot for this pedestal in every facet of our lives? Why on earth would ANYONE shoot for the perfect golf score, unless they are cruisin’ for a bruisin’ of the soul?! The pursuit of perfection is at the root of CHASE54. The label “supports the notion that while perfection may be out of reach; the pursuit is well worth the effort.” C54 claims to “integrate the greatest fabrics and latest technologies to design the most striking styles and push closer to perfection with each and every garment produced.” Seems they are not willing to settle for the notion of “nobody is perfect.” You gotta love a fighter right?!



If you compiled a comparison chart of 20 golf apparel brands, the philosophies of their creative directors and the expressed needs/desires of their professional golf ambassadors, you would hold a glimpse of 20 totally different columns altogether. I can tell you for 100% certain that the approach CHASE54 takes with their apparel design and ambassador partnerships with golfers, such as PGA Tour Professional, Jerry Kelly, is different. It is charming to see how they join together in the pursuit to make sure that their product is as close to perfect as possible. Perfect for Team CHASE54 and perfect for all that choose to golf in their apparel.


I had the opportunity to briefly speak with Jerry Kelly after a round of the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial in May. I had never met Kelly prior to this visit, but his face instantly lit up when I starting speaking about CHASE54. He made comments to the fact that he really enjoys working with the entire C54 team, and you could tell he genuinely meant it. Can I also just point out that Kelly seems like the most positive and friendliest of guys? Which is also the vibe you get from the entire CHASE54, and thus why I enjoy working with them.



For this post, Kelly also shared his thoughts on working with CHASE54 for the pursuit of a more effective apparel for his game. “Golfers tend to feel shutout when it comes to the technical aspects of our clothes. There is always something we (as golfers) would like to change in order to swing more freely. Working with Lulu (Creative Director Lulu Faddis) and Chase54 has been so cool! They (C54) want to make a product that not only looks and feels great, but that actually can make people a better player. I am swinging better now that we have found a few secrets within the designs. Can’t wait to keep working on the collaboration!!!”



You hear the same tone concerning the value of collaboration for improvement and satisfaction when speaking to Chief Designer and Creative Director for CHASE54, Lulu Faddis. She also sheds more light on how positivity enhances the CHASE54 pursuit. “Movement in golf is so important. We carry this through ALL of CHASE54, from how we are testing the fabrics and products in and out of the lab, to feedback from our tour ambassadors,” says Lulu. “We also do this in how we work with positive energy flow. We have chosen a new design space that is based on positive energy flow and feng shui. We want all golfers to know that we are a company that believes in positive energy flow #FORTHEPURSUIT.”



When Jerry Kelly had just recently joined the CHASE54 team, and I was on one of my countless crusades (all of which have failed miserably) to rid this precious golf world of white belts and white pants, I threw my hands in the air and finally went straight to a designer herself and asked Lulu “what the heck?!” on the frustrating fashion situation. The reasoning I was given also reflects a willingness to listen to the athlete, and provide options that make them feel comfortable and confident when doing their work on the course. Lulu related that she honestly feels like the white belt “trend” will stick around for a while, (clearly) and that though the option came into play six or so years ago, with just the young guys, it has now become almost a staple. So, now the older golfers want in, including their own Jerry Kelly. She agreed that it will never take over the black or gray belt, but it is just an option. FINE golfers…FINE.


Personally, when I golf there is nothing in me that is in pursuit of the perfect 54. BUT, I am in the pursuit of the most perfect golf look each time I venture out to play. Feeling comfortable, looking great and having fun is perfection enough for me! Thanks CHASE54 for being a part of MY pursuit.




Thoughts on CHASE54 from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Ryley- “The fabric was light and breathable. Perfect for 100+ Texas days. The pattern on the shirt (blue & gray) was fun! Something you could definitely wear for any occasion. The skirt (blue) was a great mix & match piece.”

Sydney- “I am not a huge fan of green, but when I put the outfit on it was comfortable, and I liked it better than I thought I would. The shirt had a cool collar that I felt gave it a higher-end look. The fabric was lightweight. The skort pattern was trendy and I would definitely wear it to the golf course.”

Derek- “The polo (lavender- Cruise SS Polo) was incredibly soft. The color was not something I initially liked, but once I put it on, I loved it! I also love the stripe on the back. It keeps the polo from being too simple. The fit of the shorts (gray) were perfect in the waist for me. I wish they were about 1” longer though, since I have long legs. The small side pocket is a nice touch. Perfect idea.”

Spencer- “The best fabric on a golf shirt (white) I have ever felt! It is absolutely the perfect shirt for summer. Plus, I can wear it anywhere, not just for golf outings. The shorts (gray striped) were also nice. The pocket on the side made me feel like I was wearing a swimsuit, but that is not a bad thing.”


What brands would you purchase and why?

Spencer- “CHASE54 had the best feel so I would totally purchase more of their golf apparel.”

Derek- “I had never heard of CHASE54 before the shoot, but I am glad I am familiar with them now. I love the outfit I wore!”


Pursue a look at CHASE54.

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