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Spring Shoot 15- Best Jacket- Puma Golf Track Jacket (Raspberry)



For those of you with zero background in marketing or advertising, have you ever wondered why companies spend so much time and money on brand solidification and awareness? Have you ever gone shopping and picked one product over another because you knew the brand and believed it to be a solid option? As consumers, we quite often just go with what we know. It is at that moment, the logo wins, the consumer wins, and the marketing circle is complete.

Puma golf is my Dr Pepper. I know it will hit the spot. (Judge away soda critics) Somedays I am willing to try flavored tea or another brand of golf shoes and some days I just want to go with what I know, and that is ok.



Puma Golf provides that perfect balance between a technology that performs, and a style that is fun and forward, without being obnoxious. There is something more exciting about unique prints and designs. There is also something a bit comforting in wearing a logo everyone knows to be an athletic apparel superstar.  As you read below, the Puma apparel produced the most hype and positive comments than any brand at our photo shoot last May.  Preconceived opinions were tossed out of the cart, and I believe Puma will be a go-to for our review crew moving forward.



Thoughts on Puma Golf from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Will- “The fabric was light and the apparel fit well. The shirt gave me a good range of motion, which is so important on the golf course. The looks everyone wore were not too crazy, but just the right amount of style. I was a big fan of all the colors, nothing was too bright. I could see myself wearing any of the guys outfits not only to the course but also out and about.

I liked the skort that Sydney was wearing. I thought the white based plaid with the pink worked well together with the white polo and the pink jacket tied the whole outfit together nicely.”

Brad- “The blue shirt I wore was great! It fit really well and felt like you could wear it on the course on a hot day and survive. The sleeves were cut to fit a little more snug on the arms, but there was still room, so it didn’t feel like I was trying to enter a muscle man contest. The Puma shorts were light and also felt like they would do really well on a hot day. The shorts, however, were a bit long on me. They felt like I should be climbing rocks with men in capris, or throwing gang signs rather than playing 18 holes. (Oh Brad- KH) They feel was amazing though, and I would buy the shorts on two conditions: they need to be shorter and they must be any color other than white.”

Derek- “The white polo I wore was the lightest polo I have ever worn. It would be perfect for summer golf. Both the shirt and shorts were very breathable. I have always expected Puma to be flashy, but the looks were surprisingly subtle. The blue shorts were the best looking colored shorts I have ever seen in golf, with a subtle plaid design. The colors and patterns of the Puma apparel were perfect for my taste. The fit of the shorts was very good, which is tough to find for someone of my height and waist.”

Sydney- “The fabric was lightweight and easy to move in. I loved the Puma outfit because it fit me really well, as a shorter girl. It was a heavier fabric than the other outfits, but I was also more comfortable in the Puma skort and could bend over without hesitation to pick up my ball. The Raspberry Track Jacket was really cute and I would wear that to the gym, run errands, etc. The ruffle along the zipper was a lovely touch, and I adored the color. I would be most likely to play golf in the Puma outfit.”



What brands would you purchase and why?

Spencer- “The Puma looks were fun but not crazy. I would purchase.”

Joe- “I would buy Puma Golf apparel because of the style and bright colors.”

Will- “Honestly, I never thought I was a big fan of Puma before, but after feeling the fabric and seeing the design, I am a fan!”

Derek- “Before now, I would have probably stayed away from Puma, because I’ve always thought their clothing was too flashy, and that is not my style. After today, I will make sure to check out their golf apparel.”



Where there any items that struck you, worn by others in the shoot?

Spencer- “The Puma apparel was really cool. Had some flash, but not too much. Definitely something I would wear, even though I usually choose more subtle clothing.”

Joe- “The blue Puma shorts Derek wore looked awesome! I loved the color and design. I’d probably rock those!”

Sydney- “I loved Will’s Puma outfit!”

Derek- “I loved the blue Puma shirt that Brad wore. Similar to mine, I just loved the color.”


Peruse the Puma Golf collection.







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