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Spring Shoot 15- Best Skort- Greg Norman Perfect Fit Slimming Skort


“Oh noooooo.” This was my direct quote when I read the “About Us” page of the Greg Norman Collection website. Specifically where they state “Greg Norman Collection is a leading distributor of golf-inspired sportswear and accessories targeting active, sophisticated men and women who range in age from 35 to 55.” So before I go on to explain my affinity toward Greg Norman (for purposes of this post please note that when I say Greg Norman I mean the golf apparel collection, not the golfer, clearly) let me say, though I AM technically 35 and thus in their “targeted demographic,” I am not happy about being put in this grouping. I would prefer to consider my demographic somewhere around 25-45. Sigh.  However, let’s move past my revelation that I am now apparently “middle aged.”


Greg Norman 5

The Greg Norman Collection was created in 1992. Today, the brand offers an affordable, and classy collection that has proven to be as legendary its namesake. The Shark logo has become a golf staple, and for good reason. The designs offered by Greg Norman may not be described as trendy, but they are appropriately sharp and never go out of style on the golf course. They are as timeless as a golf icon in a straw hat.


Greg Norman 1

Breaking down the apparel we featured from Greg Norman for our spring shoot, a few notes stand out that might confirm they are targeting an older audience. I believe that the majority of older ladies do prefer their pants/skirts to fit on the waist not below, and do not seem to wear athletic leggings. I am assuming this is why shirts in this collection are designed shorter in length. Younger females more often wear bottoms below the waist and thus need longer shirts, especially to accommodate a golf swing. Short length shirts do not work for me, unfortunately. I feel like I say this every other post but, I will never understand why all brands don’t offer longer shirts as a standard. It only makes sense. I will say that Greg Norman does offer a great color palette in their basic polo line and some interesting designs in their seasonal offering.


Greg Norman 6

As for the “Perfect Fit Slimming Skort,” I have nothing but rave reviews! They absolutely do fit perfectly. A super comfortable stretch fabric, great length, flattering slim cut. This skort is an excellent choice for golf, work or a dinner date.  I have literally gone from work to the golf course in this skort.  It is one of the most versatile golf apparel pieces I own and I now own this piece in khaki, black and navy. I was having a “golf apparel emergency” the week of an event a couple months ago and the Greg Norman team happily rushed me the navy skort I so “desperately” needed to match the polo I “had” to wear. (See there is no way I am mature enough to be middle aged.)


Also, I really love the aqua jacket I wore for the shoot. It was a vibrant color and super cozy. The fabric was ridged and gave it a different look. If you are looking for classic and comfortable golf apparel that never goes out of style Greg Norman is the way to go, whether you are 25 or 55. A flattering skort and a great staple polo are pieces that know no age. They are simply timeless.


Greg Norman 3

Thoughts on Greg Norman from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Ryley- “Great pattern design and I liked the zipper detail a lot. I do wish the shirt was a bit longer for golf but it was comfortable.”

Kelly- “The shirt fit well and the fabric was comfortable. I loved the orange color. It is good for summer.”


Where there any items that struck you, worn by others in the shoot?

Ryley- “Loved the aqua jacket that Kara wore! The ridged fabric was unique and lovely.”


Check out the ladies and men’s Greg Norman collection.





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