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Piece of Me

Yeah, I totally went to see Brittney in Vegas this week. Incredibly talented performer! And though I’m sure the fabric on Brittney’s swift moving body was highly technical, of course, there was another collection of designs that captured the majority of my focus while in Vegas. Viva PGA Fashion Show! I am pretty sure the girl beside me on the… Read more →


3 Q’s of Golf Fashion: Q #3: The Pros Are Doing it Why Can’t We?

Well, the answer here is actually simple.  You can.   To answer the question of” why shouldn’t you” will take a bit more conversation.  Keep in mind, most tour pros have sponsorships with apparel companies that determine what they wear on the course.  As with some “superstar” golfers, like Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler, a company’s apparel line is greatly influenced… Read more →

3 Q’s of Golf Fashion- Q # 1: Why Should I Care about Golf Fashion?

Fashion seems to be discussed more and more in the golf industry.  Virtually every golf media outlet has a resident “golf fashion expert” and blogs covering apparel are popping up continuously.  For those of you that don’t find yourselves particularly interested in the subject, I have narrowed it down to the three questions you really should be asking.  If you… Read more →