Fairway Threads Review Night

There are probably only a handful of people that really understand what it is I do for a career.  I actually have a full time “career” in marketing.  I am also the director of Support the Kid for Cancer- Texas Branch, in my “personal life.”  So where does golf come in, and what exactly is my role in the golf apparel industry?  I can’t answer that, and I probably never will, because it changes constantly.  I have a blog but I am not a blogger.  I love helping people in this industry, and I jump in on a variety of golf apparel projects.  I have started calling it “golf apparel consulting.”  To apparel companies, to tour pros and most importantly to you.  Thankful for all of you that trust my opinion and follow my “work.”  
One of the most exciting aspects of covering golf apparel is seeing new brands, or new technology, develop and launch.  It is so fun to see how collections come about, and if they will be well received or not.  Another one of the most fulfilling things about my work in this industry is that I have the opportunity to experience it with my dear friends.  I am blessed to have the most supportive friends.  Fairway Threads recently held a review night event to merge together these two important worlds.  I wanted to let a few of my supporters and friends model and try several brands so that they could add to my feedback.  I have to say…they nailed it!  It was a great night and I have collected honest and “real-life” thoughts on the brands they reviewed.  I will be rolling these reviews out over the upcoming weeks and have begun sharing images of the photo shoot on Twitter (@KaraKoo) and Instagram (@Fairwaythreads.)
Last, if you are not familiar with Top Golf, I will be giving you something to re-locate for.  If you haven’t been to Top Golf, I assume there is not one located in your area yet, and you may want to move.  Top Golf, is what I consider, one of the biggest “shots in the arm” golf has had since (well…I better not go down that path.) I will give you my thoughts on this golf entertainment craze, and those of my buddies, as Top Golf Dallas was kind enough to host the Fairway Threads Review Night.  Stay thirsty my friends…more to come. 

Thanks to those that made Fairway Threads Review Night possible: Top Golf Dallas, adidas, Antigua, Devereux, Nexbelt, Oxford Golf, QED Style, Queen of the Green, 18th & Main, Amanda Batson, Amanda Oyler, Ashton Hayse, Brad Powers, Corey Mahan, Danielle Latta, Derek Lilleskov, Marisha Gomez, Matt Russell and Meera Snyder. 


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  1. Anonymous
    July 7, 2014 at 5:43 pm

    These pictures/threads look great! Thanks for shooting at Topgolf Dallas!

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