Summertime in Antigua

You may not be jetting off to the beautiful island of Antigua this summer, but there is a good chance you will be taking in a few rounds of golf.  I live in Dallas, and we Texas golfers know that lightweight, breathable apparel is non-negotiable in the summer.  Have you ever tried Antigua Performance Apparel?
I actually just recently noticed Antigua golf apparel.  I saw Stacy Lewis wearing it at the North Texas Shootout, so I visited with her mom and brother-in-law about it.  The pieces looked really great and apparently Stacy loves the brand.  She feels Antigua has really listened to her feedback on what works on the course.  I had previously been asked to try out a few pieces from the summer collection, and after seeing Antigua on the golf course I decided to give them a shot.  
Both the women’s and men’s polos are made of super comfortable and lightweight polyester performance fabric.  The women’s polos are long enough that when you swing they don’t rise up.  That is the biggest mistake I see in the design of ladies golf polos, and I get really excited when a brand gets that right.  There is also some fun details in the Antigua apparel.  The “Women’s Refresh” polo (worn by me) has faux metal chain detailing at the top of the shoulder.  Last, the Antigua “Cinch Skort” is one of my new favorite items.  Some skorts tend to be too boxy and long.  The “Cinch Skort,” however, is made of a polyester with a bit of spandex, that allows you to cinch it to the desired length.  Fun and sassy!  I would recommend Antigua to both men and women for a great looking, colorful and comfortable look.
Thoughts on Antigua from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:
Danielle- “The Antigua outfit was really cool and comfortable. The skirt was a little long even with the cinch option, but I would definitely wear it to play.”
Brad- “The colors on both Antigua men’s shirts were great. The fabric felt light and soft on the skin.  They were light enough that the hot evening air of Dallas didn’t make you miserable to be out doing something active.  I would wear the shirts for any occasion because they look good and feel great.”
Derek- “Antigua was definitely great looking. The brand perfectly fit me and my style. The polo was very lightweight and would be the perfect choice for golfing in the heat of Texas!”
Shop for Antigua Performance Apparel here.

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