Oh Say! Have You Seen… Alial Fital?


So much to say about “Made in the USA” apparel label Alial Fital, so little audience attention span.  With this the opening day of not only the US Open at Pinehurst #2, but also the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, I thought we should celebrate America today.  Here is a bit about a fine American apparel company whose design displays a flare of patriotism, and an interview with a CEO that played in the NFL, because it doesn’t get more American that that!

If you follow me at all you know I have always been a big fan of Alial Fital’s unique style and high quality.  AF womens dress polos fill my own closet.  They are the best fitting and best looking polo on the market for business casual dress. I must admit, I do not golf in Alial Fital, but you know who does?  A couple guys named Bo VanPelt and Jim Renner, who just so happen to be in the field at the US Open this week.  When VanPelt and Renner qualified for the US Open, Alial Fital decided to use loyal customers from across the country to model each of the pro’s individual apparel scripts for the major week.

Read the full story on the Alial Fital 2014 US Open Scripts here.

What is better than American golf?  A collision American golf AND American soccer!  As mentioned, World Cup 2014 opened today in Brazil, and our very own USMNT (US Men’s National Team) qualified to take part. What does that have to do with golf apparel?  Alial Fital has a new collection inspired by the USMNT’s journey to the World Cup, titled “Road to Rio.”  Check it out! Each patriotic design proudly displays the American heritage of red, white and blue, and of course, stars and stripes.


Alial Fital also just recently launched a pant line to accompany their fabulous polo collection.  Worth checking out the short introduction video by Hamdan shown here.

So, who is the man behind all the action at Alial Fital?  Meet Gibran Hamdan.  Not only is he a designer of great looking apparel…he is a brand new Daddy and cool dude.  Happy Father’s Day Girbran!  

Name: Gibran Hamdan

Title: CEO/Creative Director
Why do you do what you do?
I love to create, design, and deliver inventive and unique art/fashion into the world.
Tell us something interesting about you we may not know:
I really love landscaping. I lived in Kuwait for 6 years. I was named after Khalil Gibran who wrote “The Prophet.”
What looks good/makes a golfer stand out on the golf course?
Anything that truly represents who they are as an individual. As long as a golfer gets his fit right, I think any outfit that truly conveys how he/she feels that day, allows him/her to make their best impression.
What should not be worn on the golf course?
Anything that does not fit properly does not belong on the course. Also I think it’s important that someone takes the time and effort to think about the canvas of their outfit. I’m all good if you like an understated look or prefer to push the envelope, but I prefer someone who considers how each piece works with the rest.
Describe your personal golf apparel style:
For me, there is no separation between my golf apparel style and my regular attire. If I am being forthright, I am not much of a golfer, but for the times have played or when I get out there and whack it around – my philosophy is to simply take my blazer off and be ready to go.
Describe your brand’s style:
Fashion Forward, Innovative, and Unique American Made Apparel.
Why is attention to golf fashion important?
I think attention to fashion speaks volumes about what kind of person you are and what I can expect in dealing with you. I also believe achieving a baseline of looking presentable, appropriate, and your best, in all situations, will lead to increased success and opportunities in your life. As it pertains to Golf, the same principles apply – like Deion said “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good.”
What inspired the creation of your brand?
My wife’s sewing machine, a desire to have a dress shirt collar combined with the comfort of a polo, & not being interested in being another former NFL “talking head” on television.
Why should golfers buy your brand?
Alial Fital is for unique men who appreciate the idea of thinking differently, and for those that care about personalized and attentive service.
What are the characteristics of a good apparel sponsor partnership with tour pros?
Trust, mutual interest in each other, and friendship. I’m sure bigger brands feel much differently about this question, but for me the #1 thing is that I enjoy, appreciate, and trust any Ambassador we sign. Life’s too short to look at people simply within the scope of how “financially beneficial” they can be for us. Of course, each professional golfer provides varying value depending on their popularity and exposure. When I was in the NFL, my Reebok deal was significantly lower than more notable players and for them that made sense. For Alial Fital, we focus on securing relationships where fairness and trust take precedence over cash. 
What does the future hold for your brand?
Steady growth, led by Ambassadors and customers that care about our success and intrinsically know that where we are today is symbolic of their dedication in helping us achieve it.


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