Tale of Two Thoughts



Typically, we either love a brand or we don’t. It either fits well, or it doesn’t. This is not the case for me with PGA Tour Apparel. PGA Tour Ladies Apparel is a brand under the Perry Ellis International Corporation. It is a brand that will surprise you. While searing through retail stores for golf apparel you will likely stop and see a few Tour Apparel pieces and think, “Wow, what brand is that?” Ladies Golf Designer for Tour Apparel, Maria Erikson, does a great job of producing fun and attractive designs.



However, this is a brand you must try on before purchasing, and do not expect it to fit true to size or be consistently comfortable from one piece to the next. For example, I typically wear a size 6 skort or pant, but the woven skort I received in a size 6 actually fit a size 2 model, and I had to go up in size on the Ponte Comfort Pant, as well. Not sure how you get so far off size, but it was frustrating. I am not going to buy a size 10 in something, when I am a size 6, based on principal alone.



Yet, the flounce skort I received in a size medium with elastic waist is one of the cutest and most comfortable skorts I have ever owned. The Roadmap print and color palette is perfect. I also loved the matching v-neck top that came with this skort. It had amazingly breathable mesh sleeves and shoulder blades with an adorable gathering in the back. So, though I am conflicted with this brand and unable to provide a universal thought, I still believe it is worth a try. There are most definitely some gems in the PGA Tour Apparel collection.


kristin and girl

Thoughts on PGA Tour Apparel from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Kelly- “The turquoise shirt I wore had a nice color. The design was a bit plain and I thought it could have been a bit more fitted for a size small, as it ran a bit large. The coral colored skort was listed a size 6 but I am a size 2 and it fit me perfectly, which might be a concern. However, it was comfortable on me.”

Kristin- “I really liked the cut of the shirt and skort. The gathered detail on the back of the shirt was fun.”


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