3 Q’s of Golf Fashion- Q # 1: Why Should I Care about Golf Fashion?

Fashion seems to be discussed more and more in the golf industry.  Virtually every golf media outlet has a resident “golf fashion expert” and blogs covering apparel are popping up continuously.  For those of you that don’t find yourselves particularly interested in the subject, I have narrowed it down to the three questions you really should be asking.  If you missed my intro post to these questions, take a minute to catch up by reading HERE..  
Q #1: Why should I care about golf fashion?
This question actually applies to apparel choices in general, not just golf apparel.  Typically women pay more attention to how they look, while men pay more attention to how they perform.  However, men still love attention.  Oh come on, you know you do!  The fact is, you will get more attention by putting more effort into assuring what you wear looks good.  You don’t have to start subscribing to GQ or Details and spending your Saturdays at high-end retailers.  However, there is something you need to hear.  Are you listening? What you wear matters.  Period.
Ask yourself, why DON’T you care more about what you wear?  Men get bored with a lot of things in life, but wearing the same clothes is not one of them.  The truth is, most men (I said most) are lazy and don’t want to take the time to put a nice looking outfit together.  They find a comfortable style that they like, and they stick with it.  It never crosses their mind to wear something different and unique.  Men usually hate the process of shopping and they don’t like a lot of choices.  They tend to shop at the same retailers and purchase the same brands, whatever it takes to end the task of shopping as quickly as possible. Hit home?   
Answer #1: Your apparel can help you work your way to the top. 
Chances are, quite often your golf outings are either work related or you are in a position to network with those in your foursome, be it with clients or others that could be helpful business connections. These fellow golfers may be people you have known for years, or those you are just now getting acquainted with.  In case of the latter, give yourself the best chance to succeed at impressing them.  First impressions are made based on appearance.  People see the clothing on your body before you ever open your mouth.  Snap judgements are made. A well-put-together style increases perceived status and competence.  The reality is people will automatically respect you more if you are dressed sharply, whether that is fair or not.  If you appear sloppy, people will doubt that you can be trusted with anything important.  Not a reaction that typically leads to successful business endeavors.
Answer #2: Your apparel can earn you more respect from fellow golfers. 
Dressing fashionably can also increase your status and popularity with your peers.  A lot of guys purchase clothing items based on peer pressure and a demonstration of financial stability, not on fashion trends. I am not saying this approach is right, it is actually quite vain, but it happens, and it works because we live in a materialistic world.  Your apparel is a reflection of who you are to others.  Reflect pride, confidence, assurance, attention to details…and others will be drawn to you. There is also a transformation affect.  If you don’t naturally have these characteristics, your clothing can dictate how you behave and respond to situations, giving you the edge you need.
Answer #3: Your apparel WILL help you impress the ladies.
Sure you have heard it said, women love a man in uniform, but have you ever witnessed the attraction first hand?  Trust me.  It cannot easily be resisted.  Our military takes great pride in making sure every detail of their uniforms are impeccably worn, and it has quite the positive effect on women.  Take note fellas!  A fashionable man gets more attention from women.  He is instantly more attractive and well-received.  Also, are you one of those guys that only sticks to the basics?  Women notice a man that can wear color and unique items.  Boring clothes might = boring dude.  
You tracking with me?  What you wear matters.  No need to let choosing the right apparel overwhelm you, just start thinking about it.  Craft a style that represents who you are, and who you want people to see you as.  Plan ahead so that you don’t have to think too hard about what to wear when you are in a rush. Look back through some of my previous “Wear This Not That” posts for tips on how to get started.  Reach out to your wife, girl friend or female friends for some assistance.  One step at a time in a pair of nice looking shoes and you will be well on your way toward a sharp look and more respect in no time.   
Style inspiration photos by Korean LG Fashion Group’s label Hazzys.  Not currently available in the US.

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  1. November 19, 2013 at 3:23 am

    nice golf article, especially the #3 answer. It is very interesting and informative for an aspiring golfer like my self. Will be checking out your other posts. :)

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  2. November 29, 2013 at 6:33 am

    If you are not in with the fashion and seems comfortable with your golf clothes that is pretty fine but if you want to look good during the game, you need to place a little fashion in your outfit.

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