3 Q’s of Golf Fashion: Q #3: The Pros Are Doing it Why Can’t We?

Well, the answer here is actually simple.  You can.  
To answer the question of” why shouldn’t you” will take a bit more conversation.  Keep in mind, most tour pros have sponsorships with apparel companies that determine what they wear on the course.  As with some “superstar” golfers, like Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler, a company’s apparel line is greatly influenced by the face of the collection.  In other instances, the golfer has virtually no influence in the design and is simply sent a box full of items to wear on the job.  Either way, there are many trendsetters and looks seen across all professional golf tours that could give you some great ideas on what to wear for your tee time.  However, you might want to consider a few things before you jet off to duplicate all you have seen on a Sunday broadcast:
·         Does your personality and age range match the golfer wearing the look?
·         Are you actually going to play golf in it?
·         Are you obligated to wear plain polos and khakis out of a sponsorship obligation, or can you use your freedom to add a splash of fun?
·         Are you trying to make a marketing statement and gain valuable buzz by wearing something totally unique?
·         Are you going to play any more like Tiger Woods if you wear an awful white belt? 
If you answered yes to the first four questions, then by all means, go ahead and take the look you are eyeing for a whirl in that golf cart! If you answered no, then you should probably think of how you can adjust your approach.  As Mr. Style (Marty Hackel) himself once said “color doesn’t have to be loud to make a statement.” You can find ways to add color and fun style to your golf wardrobe without looking inappropriate and silly.  If you said yes to the fifth question listed, you are a hopeless Tiger fan, but you seem to be in good company.  Take note of a few examples of why you might not need to attempt to wear exactly what tour pros are strolling the fairway in.
1.       Over the Top Bold- Rickie Fowler, John Daly
o   First of all, are you even in the same generation as Rickie Fowler?  If not, that is fine, just ditch the flat bill and hot pink pants.
o   Make sure you really have the personality to wear super bold-all-over looks and try to only attempt every once in a while.
o   If you are a spectator at a golf event, it is not ok to dress in head-to-toe Puma or Loudmouth Golf, ever.
2.       Knickers & Ties- Payne Stewart, Ryan Moore, Joel Sjoholm
o   There are those who will strongly disagree with my criticism of this look for the weekend golfer (I am fine with Tour pros sticking with a standout look if it fits their disposition), but I am still not on board.  
o   Heritage style can be touched upon with a nice cardigan or touches of argyle, instead.
o   You may end up looking less like a sharp gentleman and more like a goober if you are not careful wearing these stand-out pieces during a round.
3.       Just Plain Boring- David Toms, Lee Westwood, Countless Others
o   Good for these pros for securing a golf sponsorship, however you are not locked into wearing boring solid polos all the time, use your freedom!


4.       The Statement Piece- Billy Horschel, Ian Poulter
o   There is a good reason Ian Poulter has worn Union Jack tartans why RLX put Billy Horschel in a pair of octopus print pants for a major, and it is genius.  These looks created a buzz that drew attention to the golfer and their apparel brand.  Marketing efforts well spent.
o   However, you are likely not in need of creating brand awareness, so take caution in adding these type of pieces into your closet, unless you are just dying to wear them a time or two to turn some heads.
Again, there are several stylish golfers you can get ideas from on how to liven up, and add some style to your weekend golf wardrobe.  Just give some thought into how to best glean from the looks you see on tour in order to make them work for you.  When in doubt, remember a little goes a long way, but adding fun colors and patterns can really add to the spirit of your apparel and could add a measure of confidence to your game.

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