3 Q’s of Golf Fashion: Q #2: How Much Weight Should I Put Into Golf Apparel Reviews?

We are all so busy are we not?  So, if we are going to spend our free time reading, or more likely skimming, blog posts the content must be of some value to us.  I asked a few friends, that are faithful blog readers, what keeps them loyal to a blog and why they became interested in their preferred blogs.  I heard a consistent answer.  “I have to learn something I can apply to my life.  If it is not going to educate me, it must be really interesting.  Otherwise, it is just a waste of time.”   
So a post on golf apparel has to either be interesting and insightful or it must provide information that you could apply to your life as a golfer.  Ok, check. The question is, how much weight should I put into a golf apparel review? Well, if insightful and interesting content determines the value of a blog post, what defines “interesting?”  A good friend of mine, and one of the best golf writers I know, once told me, “Write what interests you, not what you think will interest others.”  If bloggers are following this principal and writing posts on what interests us, then you may put zero weight into a particular post because the topic simply doesn’t interest you. Check back next time.
I think the main focus of this question is, “Does a particular post give me good information on golf apparel that I could, or even should apply, when making choices on what to wear on the golf course?”  The answer to this question will vary from post to post and from blog to blog.  Below are a few things to consider when choosing what blog to invest your time in.  Remember, as bloggers, we are first writing what interests us, and second what we feel could add value to you the reader, hoping that we nail both.
1.       Are Relationships Clouding Objectivity?
o   Is the content of a blog only positive, meaning the writer is never willing to give a negative review?
o   If the content seems to lack objectivity, it could mean the writer is only reviewing apparel, or subjects because they stand to gain, for example, complimentary product, favor in relationships, etc.
o   The “not so hot” must be pointed out too, for comparison    
2.       Does the Blogger Push Personal Brand Loyalties On Readership?
o   We all have our personal favorites, but favorites can cause bias and distract from other options
o   Writer must provide options that fit every style, not just their own
3.       Are Brand Comparisons of Quality & Comfort Providing Insight?
o   Bloggers claim to “test” apparel a lot.  Does this testing produce insights that are helpful?
o   Are you able to walk away with an understanding of how product truly excels over other options or why it doesn’t meet expectations?
4.       Are Brands Being Showcased That You are Unfamiliar With?
o   Are you being introduced to new brands you might like to try?
5.       Are Stories Shared That You Might Not Otherwise Hear?
o   Does the writer provide inside scoop that you find interesting?
o   Sometimes it is fun to learn the background on your favorite label/designer or why a tour pro wears a particular brand
No matter how much weight you end up deciding to put into my blog or any other golf apparel review, I think I speak for my fellow bloggers when I say your readership is appreciated.  Hopefully, we can keep providing insightful and interesting content to keep you coming  back.

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