3 Q’s of Golf Fashion

It is always good to be appreciated right?  Thank you to everyone for checking out Fairway Threads.  Whether this is the first post you have read, or if you had been following for some time.  I appreciate your interest.  I actually commend it.  The subject of golf apparel, or golf fashion, bears a few questions though.  It is a niche topic, for sure.  Heck, golf in general could be considered a niche topic.  According to one Gallup poll, published a few years ago, only 27% of Americans said they were golf fans.  According to another, only 2% said golf was their favorite sport to watch.  However, the National Golf Foundation says there are over 25 million golfers in the US.  So, you may not sit around and watch golf all weekend, especially now that college football is on, and you may not talk golf with your buddies, but you DO enjoy playing it.  (If that is not the case I REALLY appreciate you reading my posts.)  
So…golfer…how about we take a timeout (yes, from thinking about your fantasy football league), and discuss a few things about golf fashion that you should know if you are going to take golf seriously.  Well, “seriously” might be a strong word for your weekend round with buddies, I know.  Either way, there are three things you should know about golf fashion.  Trust me on this one.  
The three upcoming posts on Fairway Threads will fill you in on the following questions:
  1. Why should I care about golf fashion?
  2. How much weight should I put into golf reviews?
  3. The pros are doing it why can’t we?
Before diving into the “3 Q’s of Golf Fashion”, I would like to tackle an additional question first.  Why should you listen to me, when it comes to golf fashion?  Oh…have I not answered this yet?  Sorry, guys.  Let give you a few answers to settle your surely troubled mind regarding this query, and again, thanks to those of you that took a leap of faith and chose to trust me without these answers.
  • I am a woman- and let me go all stereotypical and rub some people the wrong way- women have a much keener eye regarding fashion than men do (I dare you to dispute this)
  • I am a woman- no offense, but do you want a man telling you what will make you look more attractive or do you want a woman to do that?
  • I am not afraid to give you my opinion, tell you the truth or call it exactly as I see it- for good or not so great
  • I know golf- what you need on the course, what will perform and what will not
  • I know the tour- who the pros are partnering with and why, what is working and what flat out isn’t
  • I know the apparel industry- the offering of apparel companies and designers available to you, their collections and what makes each unique
  • Basically every guy I know asks for my opinion on what they should wear- they trust me. You can too
  • I am a woman- covering men’s golf apparel. I am not receiving complimentary product to try out and tell you how it fits, feels or performs.  I am here to tell you what looks good and what doesn’t

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