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MissyMaudeYeah, I totally went to see Brittney in Vegas this week. Incredibly talented performer! And though I’m sure the fabric on Brittney’s swift moving body was highly technical, of course, there was another collection of designs that captured the majority of my focus while in Vegas. Viva PGA Fashion Show! I am pretty sure the girl beside me on the plane scrolling through hundreds of photos from Las Vegas Fashion Week would debate with me, however, there was an impressive showing of fashion and trends at the Venetian too this week. With so many talented creative directors in the industry, golf apparel has literally never looked so good.

PGAShow3Lulu Faddis of Chase54, Robert Brunner of Devereux, Ralph Dunning of Dunning

Unlike The PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando each January, this exhibit event solely showcased apparel. It is a chance for buyers to meet and experience the brands, and the talent behind them, to decide who they want to invest in. Buyer walks in the exhibit hall, pauses, and says “You want a piece of me?” Actually, that was my line. And the answer was definitely yes, all around. Stop. I promise I am not going all Brittney on you.

It was nice to see the support and respect between apparel companies, of all sizes and specialization, and the handful of golf apparel bloggers in attendance, including myself. Truly, the people in the golf apparel industry are some of the most fun and kind people you will meet. The resounding message of positive feedback and appreciation I personally received, was so encouraging and fulfilling. Apparel labels know the value a knowledgeable and dedicated blogger brings to their brand awareness, and it is evident that value continues to grow. For companies with little marketing and advertising budget, a blogger can be a vital partner. Especially if she has social media skills. (Wink) As a trusted voice among golfers, brands know golfers will listen to my thoughts, and they definitely want a piece of my support. Larger brands take the same stance with golf bloggers. It’s just a no brainer. I feel blessed to have the support of so many relevant and successful apparel companies, and the marketing agencies that represent them. Without their collaboration, I would not be able to cover this industry and do the consulting work I do.

DevereuxWith Will and Robert Brunner of Devereux Proper Threads

MikeMcRaeWith Mike McRae, Creator of QED Style

LuluFaddisWith Lulu Faddis, Creative Director of Chase54

RachelReesWith Rachel Rees of Cobra Puma Golf

FrancisEdwardWith Team Francis Edward

It was also so exciting to meet, in person, three of my most talented counterparts. Golf Threads, Minor House and Three Guys Golf were all in attendance, and I was overjoyed to spend time with these wonderful guys. Our investment in, and support of each other, make golf apparel blogging so much more enjoyable and fruitful. We all bring something unique to our followers, and I am proud of each. Greg Monteforte, of Golf Threads fantastically hosted the show’s breakout sessions, where several creators provided insight.

MikeMonteforeteWith Greg Monteforte of Golf Threads and PGATour.com Style Insider

PGAShowWith Kane Carpenter of Minor House and Adam Staelin of Three Guys Golf

There were definitely a few trends and collections that caught my eye, as well as, a couple of new brands and offerings that I cannot wait to share with you. Spring 2015 is going to look good my friends! Stay tuned for my thoughts and takeaways from the PGA Fashion Show. Side note, my photographer was unable to accompany me, so don’t judge the featured images. Not that you would ever judge me, or my girl Brittney.

PGAShow2Annmarie Dodd of J.Lindeberg, Shawn Aucoin of Sligo Wear, Mike McRae of QED Style

(Top) With Missy Maude Creator of Missy Maude Golf

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