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Spring Shoot 15- Best Men’s Shirt- Devereux Orange Wave Shirt


Ever wonder about the meaning of something, but never ask the question to gain enlightenment? I think we all probably do this more often than we think. I have wondered exactly what Devereux meant by their tagline “Proper Threads,” since the inception of the brand in 2013. It wasn’t until I sat down to reflect on Devereux, and compile my thoughts for this post, that I finally asked.


“Proper’ is defined for the fit of our garments,” explained Devereux Creative Director and Co-Founder Robert Brunner. “We believe that all garments should be tailored to fit properly, and to achieve this it takes time and knowledge. ‘Threads’ is to lighten up the mood of ‘proper’ and showcase our brand as fun-loving and current.  We believe everyone needs to let go every now and then and enjoy what they are doing.”


If you have learned anything about the Brunner family, the founders of Devereux, over these past couple of years, you know that the key points in that definition hold true to their being: doing things right and enjoying the moment at hand.


Devereux 3

Instead of raving about the Devereux Fall 15 collection, “A Night in Paris,” or about their fantastic men’s style blog, actually titled “Proper Threads,” I thought I would give you the top 10 reasons why you should seriously consider slipping a bit of Devereux into your closet (or your suitcase to Paris…which incidentally, you can refer to the Devereux blog for a packing list for that trip) Reasons 1-5 below are provided by Robert Brunner, and the rest are from yours truly. (curtsy)


  1. Devereux special engineered fabrication- Made specifically for the golf course
  2. Tailored garments are more flattering- No matter what your body type
  3. Quality- From fibers to fabrication
  4. Attention to Detail- Precision single-needle sewing and unique design features on our different style of shirts
  5. A new look!  Put the tired, same look to rest and join the trend of modern designs and fit!


Devereux 1

  1. Devereux feels great when playing golf in the southern summer heat

I cannot express to you how important this is. I cannot express to you how stinkin’ HOT it is in Texas! I don’t have to clue the Brunner guys in on that, though, because they are from Texas. They are members at Colonial Country Club, in good ole Fort Worth. (Robert flew the coop but he still golfs here) Do you think they want to golf in thick, non-breathable shirts?! No sir. Thank you Devereux.


  1. Looks Sharp- Casual enough to golf in, yet still looks great for a night out with friends

This is a direct quote from a friend of mine that I know wears Devereux. Hey…it is steaming hot at night in Texas too, but for some reason your friends always want to sit out on the patio for dinner & live music. Don’t be a fool.


  1. It’s comfortable

This is a bit different than hearing “if it fits properly it will be more flattering.” People tell me that about pencil skirts, but I hate wearing them all day at work because eww they are NOT comfy. To hear that apparel is flattering AND comfortable is like hearing Duncan Keith is single again. (for me anyway…just Google it)


  1. The experience of feeling valued

Look, there is nothing wrong with your local golf retailer. They are good for the golf industry and I am not bashing these providers. However, I know for a fact you don’t feel pampered and highly valued when you jet in one of those stores to buy a golf outfit. (try being the chick taking pictures of golf apparel there for her social media platforms) When you place an order with Devereux online, you get custom packaging, a hand written note, and a touch of class sent directly to your door. You are not only a valued customer, but a fellow golfer, and we all love our fellow golfers. (Ok not ALL of them, but you will feel the love from Devereux)


10. To support a smaller, yet mighty, family-owned golf apparel brand

I have indeed been fortunate to get to know the Brunner family, as I have covered their collections and the growth of their brand. They are simply the kind of people you want to do business with, to enjoy time with and to learn from. Wearing items from their collections means that bottom line, you will look stylish and be comfortable, both in the apparel you are wearing, and knowing that you are supporting a solid and growing business in the golf industry. Which, my kind gentlemen, is the proper thing to do.


Devereux 2

Thoughts on Devereux from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Joe- “The Devereux shirt I wore was just a great shirt! It fit nicely and the material they use is awesome. It was very comfortable and light weight. The look felt very high-end and the white collar added a nice style element to the shirt.”

Spencer- “I thought it was the perfect shirt for spring. I’m not worried about sweating through it. I loved the single wave of orange going across the front. It makes the shirt “pop” just enough, without being too flashy.”


What brands would you purchase and why?

Kelly- “I would purchase Devereux for my husband. I thought their shirts looked classy and high-end.”

Joe- “Devereux because the shirts have a great classy look and feel even better.”

Spencer- “Classy but still causal…I would buy another.”


Get to know Devereux and follow their proper style blog!

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