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Spring Shoot 15- Best Ladies Shirt- Missy Maude Blue Azalea Polo


Sometimes I wonder if people ever read my posts. Oh, I know people read my tweets and check out the pictures on my Instagram or blog, but I wonder how many dive into the offering of my work to see what I am really about. Too often we just skim, assume understanding or outright ignore the work of others for whatever reason. Sadly, I likely would have done the same thing last year at the PGA Fashion Show in Las Vegas, and missed out on one of my absolute favorite golf & resort apparel brands.


Missy Maude 7

I was asked by the show’s coordinator to meet with an apparel brand I had never heard of, and with the day passing swiftly by, I almost did not make the time to do so. Hurriedly, I plopped down at the Missy Maude booth late in the afternoon, across from Missy Maude herself mind you, and began to open my eyes. Let me first explain that I do not ooze of Sea Island femininity. I would tell you that I am not quickly drawn to pastels and ruffles. However, after 10 minutes, Missy’s passion, genuine friendliness and talent convinced me that I wanted every piece in her collection. STAT.


Missy Maude


Missy Maude 2

The fabric, the details, and the attractive and flirty design of each piece equate to a collection that I truly feel most women would feel confident and regal wearing. Missy describes her brand as “a resort women’s lifestyle brand for women of all ages.” Each outfit is versatile from “business at the beach” to “party time dresses”.  The Missy Maude offering is timeless and figure flattering, mixed with cheerful colors and prints, providing a mix of feminine and fun. A look that is perfectly balanced for any occasion, least of which is a weekend on the golf course.


Missy Maude 4

Missy Maude 5

With a creator that values her family first, stays true to her roots, has impeccable design talent and savvy business sense, I can guarantee you the Missy Maude brand has a long life ahead of it. We all know that life is rarely in perfect balance, but Missy has done a fabulous job of finding balance through her life journey and through her designs. We can only expect more perfect looks in the future!


Missy Maude 3


Thoughts on Missy Maude from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Sarah- “The fabric was very comfortable. I loved the pants the most, as they were long enough, and I would wear them on or off the golf course. What a great looking outfit!”


Where there any items that struck you, worn by others in the shoot?

Ryley- “I love the feminine details of the Missy Maude line!”


Symon- “My wife looked hot in the blue pants!”


Kelly- “I thought the Missy Maude outfit that Sarah wore was a very elegant and feminine golf look. It was unique and not your typical golf apparel.”


Sydney- “I REALLY liked the blue Missy Maude pants and the polo & jacket pairing.”


Check out the Missy Maude collection.

(And not just because I am on the home page of this glorious website)


Missy Maude 6


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