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Often people interchange the terms “golf apparel” and “golf fashion.” People ask me, “Oh, you cover golf fashion?” The reply is no, because I cover golf apparel, whether it is considered “fashion” or not. Not all golf apparel is fashion by definition, or “a popular trend for a particular time.” The topic of golf fashion is of interest to golfers, because golf apparel can be an extension of one’s wardrobe and daily style. It is not a uniform, but a way to stand out and individualize. Which is why several successful golf apparel lines have derived from fashion houses & skilled designers.



If you think about it, the golf apparel industry is one big mixed pot of priorities between fashion and athletic performance. Famous designers such as Mossimo, Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis have all made a significant mark in the golf apparel industry. From a fashion line, Bonobos created a golf line, Maide. From a golf line, Dunning, created a workout line. From an athletic line, Nike created a golf line. From a golf line, Devereux also doubles as a fashion line. See, how the line blurs? So if this is the case, are you going to pay $100 for a golf polo that only looks good on the golf course, or are you going to go with a polo, made by a fashion house, that you can wear off the course with style? I say you put fashion first, as Johan Lindeberg did.



Lindeberg moved from the Italian luxury denim brand, Diesel, to create his own company in 1996 in both Stockholm and New York. His vision was to build an international brand for modern consumers with an active lifestyle.  Lindeberg’s interest was to transform the ideas and elements of high fashion into sportswear, to offer both fashion and function. Lindeberg partnered with his old friend and golfer Jesper Parnevik to further showcase his golf apparel line.  Today, J. Lindeberg offers both golf and ski collections, as well as, lifestyle and dress apparel.




When the roots of a golf apparel collection derive from fashion, as do those of J. Lindeberg, it is just evident. That is not to say that athletically designed brands don’t look good or don’t have a place.  However, it is often difficult for me to call their offerings “fashion,” and I feel they consist of less versatile pieces. The J. Lindeberg Spring/Summer 15 collection is one of my favorites of the season. The plum, steel blue and navy color palette is bold and flavorful. The design is pure class and could easily go from the golf course to down town, as you can see in our photo shoot.  Plus, I always feel J. Lindeberg has gorgeous belts.  The braided ones showcased here are no exception.




Thoughts on J. Lindeberg from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Joe- “The shorts are extremely comfortable and lite. The fabric is simply airy. I really liked the plum color too. Perfect shorts for the hot Texas summers. I am a shorter guy, so the length was a tad long but fit well in the waist. The large slim-fit polo fit like a medium, but was too long to wear un-tucked. The design was great and looked very high end.”

Symon- “Excellent fabric. The shorts fit great and are one of the only bands I have found that offer a size 33. The shirt was a nice athletic fit. The sleeves were perfect! The matching braided belt tied the look together.”

Sarah- “The fabric on the J. Lindeberg pants I wore was very high-end. They didn’t even feel like golf pants, so you could wear them off the course easily. The fit was true to size, also.”

Sydney- “My favorite outfit was the J. Lindeberg dress because it was simple and sporty, and it fit nicely. I feel like the dress was well designed to fit a woman’s curves. I loved that it represented the classiness of the sport of golf. I would wear it on and off the course! I loved the color and the stripe piping.”


What brands would you purchase and why?

Derek- “I would definitely consider J. Lindeberg. Their stuff isn’t too bold or bright, but they aren’t plain either.”

 Joe- “The J. Lindeberg shorts just felt amazing. I didn’t want to take them off, they were so breathable.”

 Symon- “J. Lindeberg is the best men’s golf apparel brand in the business! Great style and fit.”

 Sarah- “I would buy the J. Lindeberg navy shirt or dress. Great fabric and fit! I loved the pants too, they were gorgeous!”


Where there any items that struck you, worn by others in the shoot?

Derek- “The gray shirt and plum J. Lindeberg shorts that Joe wore was simple, yet classy. I would definitely wear those.”

Symon- “The J. Lindeberg navy golf dress that Syd wore was cool.”

Kelly- “My absolute favorite brand was J. Lindeberg! The men’s and ladies looks were spot-on. Thoughtful use of color and easy to pair with other pieces.”

Sarah- “My hubby’s J. Lindeberg outfit. The belt was outside his comfort zone but I loved it!”



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