Why Wear Ordinary Polos?!

There is a fine line between fun and unique, and tacky.  British golf apparel company, Bunker Mentality, is typically on-point with their funky, yet attractive, designs.  Bunker Mentality’s goal is to “create new traditions and future classics in golf apparel.” Their polos have a modern and fashion forward spirit for people who love golf and have a different mentality. This label takes inspiration from popular culture and trends and ‘golfizes’ the look.  As a matter of fact, I told Bunker Mentality just the other day that if anyone could create a great looking Hawaiian print golf polo it was them.  They were quick to let me know that the design was already in process, of course.  In case you don’t follow fashion, Hawaiian print is currently hot on the scene.  So it came as no surprise that this hip golf apparel provider is keeping up.

Check out some of Bunker Mentality’s stylish polos below and click here to shop.  Shipping on US orders over $100 are free and only $15 otherwise.  Get in the right frame of mind and wear something fun for a change!

Racing Stripe Playa Polo – White
Tour Stripes Playa Polo – Hot Pink/Black
Front 9 Polo Black / Red
CMax Golfadelic Black Polo
CMax Golf Star Polo – Yellow

CMax Golf Star Polo – Blue

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