Nothin’ But Nike


I have zero facts to back this up, but I would venture to say, that if you had everyone on earth play the game show Family Fued and you had “Athletic Apparel” as one of the categories, “Nike” would be the top guessed answer. Nike and sports just go hand-in-hand like Nelly and gold teeth. Nike has made a slam-dunk in the arena of sports. Nothin’ but net.


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To further drive the point that Nike = genius down the fairway, consider what Nike Golf has done. The addition of Tiger Woods, as the face of Nike Golf, alone solidified them as a golf powerhouse. Tiger joined Nike in 1996, the same year his first Nike golf shoe, the Air Zoom TW, launched. In 2013 they signed “golf’s next superstar,” Rory McIlroy.  You can’t argue with that kind of klout. In fact, it would seem that you can barely compete with it. Plus, let’s not overlook that Michelle Wie, the most known LPGA golfer, is also a Nike ambassador. Nike has just as much hold on the golf industry as any other brand. SWOOSH!

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But we all know things aren’t always as they seem. Nike Golf apparel CAN be challenged, and they are indeed. Nike is often a no brainer choice for many golfers. For one, the collection is available in almost any golf retail store. Nike is easy to notice and grab off the rack, is designed of what most perceive as high-performing fabric and you have likely seen it on TV and have already decided you like it. However, the bigger the golf fan, the less likely they are to buy Nike. Simply for the fact that they have been exposed to many more brands via tour ambassadors, social media, etc.


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I personally like Nike Golf apparel. I can always find great looking designs that are fun and eye catching in their collections. I hand-picked the looks that Sarah and Sydney are wearing, for example. The colors and cut are perfect for spring and summer! I will say this, Nike is generally made of incredibly comfortable and breathable fabric, but it is also a fabric that will not be forgiving if you have problem areas to hide. The fit on their bottoms are typically short and slim. Nike is best worn by athletic and fit golfers, just keep that in mind.

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Thoughts on Nike from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Sarah- “The fit of the Nike shorts and shirt I wore were true to size. I really like the design of the purple ombre shirt and the white pullover jacket was a favorite. The fabric felt amazing and was breathable.”

Sydney- “The purple Nike dress was a GREAT color. I love the neon orange accents and the idea of the cut, but it was a little long for me. I liked the under shorts that came with it and the fabric for both were extremely light and comfortable. If I were taller, I would definitely wear this dress to play golf in. (Sydney is 5’3”) The zipper was a sexy touch. Sporty with a touch of sass!”


What brands would you purchase and why?

Sarah- “The Nike dress that Syd wore was so cute! I loved the colors together.”


Nike 1Check out Nike Golf

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