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nex1You know a product is worth the investment when every guy you talk to that has tried it could write their own blog post on how much they value the many features it offers, and you hear multiple times that it is “genius.” Meet NexBelt, the belt with no holes.

nex2I had never heard of NexBelt till this past May at the Byron Nelson Championship. I was browsing through the offerings in the clubhouse at TPC Las Colinas when Audrey Leishman (wife of Austrailian PGA Tour pro Marc Leishman) caught me looking at the their display. She told me that Marc was partnered with NexBelt and how much he loved wearing the brand.  Audrey even told me that NexBelt even made some personalized ball markers for Marc to give out to kids in an effort to help increase his fan base.  A smart move for both parties.  This is what sponsorship is all about, mutual awareness and growth.


I asked Marc to share his thoughts on NexBelt. It was so refreshing to hear from a golfer that truly values the product of one of his sponsors.

“I first came across NexBelt at the 2013 Masters. I had been searching for a particular style of belt for several months and had not found one that I really liked. NexBelt put a belt with an Australian flag buckle in my locker at Augusta National. I knew it was going to be a good week when I found that in my locker. These are high quality belts with neat features. My favorite part about the belt is that you are never between holes. The quarter inch increments make it easy to fit to your body,” said Leishman.

Leishman went on to say, “I like that the buckles are interchangeable. If you have ten straps you can have two buckles. It gives you the flexibility to change the look of your belt without actually having to travel with 15 different belts. There is also a wide variety of buckles to choose from and NexBelt can also customize both the buckles and the ball markers. Another great feature about the belt is that there is a ball marker inside the buckle. You will never have to search around in your pocket or bag for where that ball marker is.”


The fun, colorful belt options provided with this accessory brand, as well as, the sleek classic versions caught my eye. I also appreciate that they offer several styles of buckles. The belts NexBelt sent us for the Fairway Threads Review Night truly were great looking and easy to cut down and fit. So easy we did it quickly on site.

Thoughts on NexBelt from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Brad- “The Nexbelt I wore was a great looking belt.  It was easy to measure, cut and wear.  I wore the belt at a golf tournament two days after the Top Golf outing and had multiple compliments because of the sleek style and because of the ball marker it holds inside the buckle by a magnetic strip.  Being inside the belt is very convenient because the ball marker is always kept in one place. It is out of my pocket, and easily accessible.”

Derek- “The absolute coolest belt I have ever tried! Genius design with really cool features. Love every part of it. Has the ball marker in it, but does not feel heavy. Great product.”

Were there any items that others tried that struck you?  Male or Female either one?

Brad- “The Nexbelts are just a genius idea.  No holes, ball marker in each belt, and they are easy to fit and adjust.  They are definitely belts that I will look into in the future when I purchase a new belt for golf or any other occasion.”

What brands would you purchase?

Derek- “Nexbelt would be the top of my list!”

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