Wear This Not That

Kevin ChappellNike Golf does a great job of making sure their tour pros are styled in apparel that fits each individual golfer’s style and personality.  I am not sure how they do it, because I feel like they have a hundred pros on staff, but they manage this strategy quite well.  Kevin Chappell is a young, athletic guy from Cali, and is always pretty much dressed like a young, athletic guy from Cali.  Chappell typically wears at least a splash of bold color, often mixed with gray for a sporty look.  For the Saturday round of the Barclays, in which he scored a course-record 9-under 62, Chappell wore a lime and gray palette that was attractive without being obnoxious.  It worked well, much like that final score of 62.  Though, lime is not my first choice in bright daring colors, you can make it work for you too if you choose the right pieces.

Brightly colored pants always come across way stronger than shorts in the same color.  You definitely should not purchase these for your first attempt at spicing up your wardrobe.  (If you have a dynamic personality and often wear color, why not try them?) The black Nike polo with lime green accent stripes is a no-lose choice.  This polo would look great with lime shorts (see below) or black or white ones.

Luckily, by now I have trained you guys well enough to know better than this.  This polo above should be nixed for the black one with only the accent stripe in lime.  The black/lime choice is far classier and more mysterious.  It says “I know what’s in style, but I also know how to use it.” This dominant lime green stripped shirt says “I am pretty sure bright colors are in style so I should be good dousing myself with this wild green color.  Ooo and do you guys sell visors in this color?!”

Also, why these polos were ever placed by shorts in the same color is beyond my ability to understand.  (An oblivious guy obviously did this)  Sadly, some equally oblivious and unsuspecting guy will now buy these and wear them together.  Don’t you be that ignorant.  The shorts are fun!  Just pair them well.  Below, are two more acceptable options from Nike Golf to wear with their lime shorts.  Either are fine, but I personally snag the gray one over the white.  Last, refrain from wearing these shirts with orange shorts…just to address that little temptation.

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