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I have never launched an apparel line. However, I have worked with enough brave people that have to know it is not an easy journey. Only those dedicated to doing things right and doing the right things have lasting success. I believe that the creators of 18th & Main have taken this path. The result? A new destination at the “Intersection Between Sport and Life.” Put it on your list of places to visit.

I was introduced to the 18th & Main team by a respected friend in the industry and I have been looking forward to this launch for a few months. You will often catch me wearing my gray “Chart the Market Polo” to work or for leisure. I can’t wait to see how golfers receive this new brand and what future collections will be released.


Below are insights from 18th & Main and also from the Fairway Threads Review Night. Be sure to check out their new website and look book. Let me know what you think!


What inspired the creation of 18th & Main?

Our goal and inspiration was to create fashion brand with a golf heritage. A line that trancends you through everyday life with you only having to change your shoes. A sort of camouflage from the typical “golf clothing” which screams in a corporate setting “I’m heading to the course.” A line that allows confidence in a sleek look, but allowing no restrictions while golfing, having all sport performance characteristics that any performance golf polo obtains. Lastly, to create a social look that appears you care for style, so if you decide to head out to dinner after the round, you’re not labeled the “smelly golfer that didn’t have time to change.”


What looks good/makes a golfer stand out on the golf course?

The attitude of the golfer, their confidence on the course. Style should only be an extension of how one feels.


What should not be worn on the golf course?

 Anything that draws too much attention. Your game should do the talking. Style is style, but golf was meant to be a gentleman’s game. Your fashion should maintain respect for yourself and the game created long ago.


Why is attention to golf fashion important?

Easy. Golf is the only sport where you can wear true fashion while playing.


Why should golfers buy your brand?

Golfers should buy 18th & Main to add to their confidence on and off the course. The style and comfort of our brand is truly one of a kind. A luxurious sports feel is what the game has been missing, and our custom knit polo has bridged the gap between fashion and sport.


What does the future hold for your brand?

The future is limitless. Our brand plans to team with key ambassadors and strategic partners to provide a complete lifestyle offering for those who seek the best in life.



Thoughts on 18th & Main from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:


Amanda B- “I loved, loved, loved 18th and Main. The grey shirt that I wore was so flattering and was cut in a way that felt comfortable. The fabric was breathable and cool–even on a HOT, summer night in Texas. I never once felt that I needed to change.”


Ashton- “I had the prototype shirt, so my critiques should absolutely carry an asterisk. I felt the fabric was cheaper compare to Devereux and the cut was not great for my build. There were also some stylistic traits that were not my taste, but that is entirely subjective.  I am interested in seeing what their production products looks like.”


Were there any items that others tried that struck you?  Male or Female either one?


Amanda B- “The 18th and Main line for men was incredible! Each shirt had something completely unique about it that made the golfer wearing them stand out. The material was also soft to the touch and easy to go from office to dinner or just straight to the green. As a girl who loves fashion and design, I look for these things on a man. A man must stand out from the rest, but still look put together. These shirts nailed it! I will buy them for the men in my life.”


Amanda H (Ashton’s Wife)- “I loved Ashton’s blue shirt! It looked very classy, and he looked so handsome in it! The material felt great and I loved the style.”


What brands would you purchase and why?


Amanda B- “As a non-golfer I would buy 18th and Main and wear it to the gym, or an outdoor event. I felt confident, cute, and comfortable in the clothes. I think you have made a golf lover out of me!”


Corey- “Probably 18th and Main. Their apparel looked the best to me and had the strongest first impression.”


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