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Spring Shoot 15- Best Men’s Shorts- Linksoul Solid Boardwalker Short (Aqua)


One of my favorite bands is a Texas band called Prophets and Outlaws. They describe themselves as “a southern rock band with soul.” They have a solid jam called “Soul Shop” that I could listen to on repeat. Part of the lyrics paint a picture of a cool place where everything just oozes of happy, easy memories: “You can find me at the soulshop…where my daddy taught me how to rock…and mamma played on the 88 top…”


At the Linksoul Lab in Oceanside, California, inspiration comes from surf shops and record stores. It is the design center of a brand that strives to find the “soul of the game” in everything they create. It is a place to socialize, connect, experiment and get creative.



The name Ashworth is a staple in the golf apparel industry, and John Ashworth has created another genius apparel brand in Linksoul. Ashworth feels that the game of golf is a medium that can bring people together as close friends after only a day on the course together. His latest brand is meant to bring a modern twist alongside the roots of the game.  Linksoul is worn by PGA Tour Pro Geoff Ogilvy and Golf Channel travel expert & Morning Drive’s Matt Ginella.



Matthew Galloway, professional golfer and another notable brand ambassador for Linksoul, recently shared with me his thoughts on the brand. You might remember Galloway from Golf Channel’s “Big Break Mexico.” His recent successes include cheering the Tampa Bay Lightning all the way to the Stanley Cup Final. (He was the only one rooting for them…so this is a worth pointing out.)


“The reason I love Linksoul as much as I do is because Linksoul is more than just golf apparel,” says Galloway. “It’s an ideal and philosophy that taps into the core of golf. It’s a few guys in SoCal that love the game in the ‘let’s play golf every Friday afternoon with our shirts untucked using persimmon drivers’ kind of way. ”


Ashworth describes Linksoul as relaxed, comfortable, sophisticated yet understated, with refined details and great fabrics. “To me it is all about the fabric. It is built to last and be comfortable.”


Galloway commented, “John really cares about each piece in the collection to last detail, and that’s what makes it so good. The clothes feel like butter on you, and it just happens to look pretty damn good too.”



“I’ve gone from playing 18 straight onto a paddleboard in Linksoul. I don’t think there’s anyone else that makes golf clothes with that in mind. It looks good off the course. I don’t even consider changing clothes when I finish a round and head to meet friends at the bar,” continues Galloway. “Style always maters, even on the golf course. Style is an extension of your personality. You want the style of what you wear on a Friday night to spill over to your tee time Saturday morning. I’ve always struggled with finding that consistency, until Linksoul.”


If you haven’t comprehended by now that Linksoul’s fabric is, I am guessing you skipped to this paragraph. What strikes me about Linksoul is the color palette. It is so fresh, so easy going, so California perfection. According to designer, Geoff Cunningham, “the color palette stems from traditional Chinese color theory, where all colors are linked to nature.” You can’t really argue with nature, and you can’t deny the attraction to all things reflective of it. Nature is good for the soul, and Linksoul would be a smart addition to your golf apparel collection.  So go ahead and load up on “butter!” This particular kind is good for you.



Thoughts on Linksoul from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Brad- “When I first saw the Linksoul shorts I wore, my instant thought was ‘I am going to look like a college frat boy wannabe.’ However, the second I touched the shorts, I didn’t care what color they were, THEY FELT AMAZING. The Boardwalker shorts are by far the best feeling pair of shorts I have ever put on. They fit really well, but even if they didn’t, they felt so good, it wouldn’t have mattered. They are light and do not show moisture. The length was perfect. Not too long, but not too short, just right. The Linksoul shirt was awesome, as well. The fabric was a cotton, polyester and lycra blend and was quite soft. The majority of the shirt was solid gray, but was accented with a design on the right pocket. The colors in the design matched the shorts perfectly and gave the shirt a unique flair to set it apart. The length on the shirt was also just right. Ultimately, Linksoul, has a great look, and a great product.”


Will- “The Linksoul shirt I wore for the shoot was the softest shirt I’ve ever put on. The fabric was light, soft and very cool, which would be great on a hot day. The shorts I could double as swim trunks, which is awesome! Compared to other clothes in my wardrobe, I would pick Linksoul simply based on how the fabric breathes and how cool it would keep me. I do think that the shirt fit is a slim cut, so if you had a few extra pounds on you, it might not work well. I felt the pocket placement was spot on.”


What brands would you purchase and why?

Will- “I was very impressed with Linksoul. The brand is new to me and their fabric reminds me a lot of under armor, as it is soft and breathes well.”


Where there any items that struck you, worn by others in the shoot?

Spencer- “The Linksoul shirt with the striped pocket, that Brad wore, was awesome.”


Sydney- “I loved Will’s Linksoul outfit. I wouldn’t have paired those shorts and shirt together, but they ended up looking great together! ”


Will- “I really like Brad’s Linksoul outfit. The shorts were really cool and the pocket design on the shirt was a good touch.”


Take a trip to the soul shop and browse Linksoul.

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