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I was hanging out at a buddy’s house the other day and his brother gets all excited to show me his new favorite golf shorts. They were Lululemon Athletica. You have likely heard of this mega yoga & running clothing brand. Guys have been starting to wear Lulu for golf because of their comfort & versitility. My friend said the appeal of these shorts was that he could do anything in them & be comfortable. I agree that Lulu is a good choice for golfers to try, however, I have found an option that I feel is way better. Unfortunately, this is where I will leave the guys and will only be sharing with my golf sisters.




We all know that golf apparel can be expensive. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least versatile sections of your closet. If you are going to spend $90 on a pair of pants, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to wear them for golf & dinner, or also yoga & dinner, to work or on a date? The ultimate move would be to purchase for athletic pieces that would allow you to get the most out of them, would it not? Consider an apparel brand that can provide ultimate versatility, impeccable comfort, style and high quality performance, such as Athleta.




I first heard of Athleta via a tweet by Golf Digest’s Ashley Mayo. She shared the most adorable skort and I immediately asked her what brand it was so I could check it out. Ashley recently gave me her thoughts on Athleta. “I love wearing Athleta skirts on the golf course because Athleta is a company that has focused on functional fashion for a VERY long time,” says Mayo. “Making clothes that look flattering and feel even better is literally their only goal. We spend at least four or five hours in our golf outfits, so it’s important to wear clothes that accommodate all of our golf needs. Athleta skirts have great hidden pockets for ball markers and tees, but also flatter your figure. The layering and patterns of many Athleta skirts help make me look taller and leaner.”





When I first tried on Athleta, I literally wanted to dance for joy, then soak in the amazing comfort. No joke. Athleta is made of incredible fabric that just makes you want to move, and wear nothing else. It is a supremely comfy brand that moves with your athletic prowless. The collection offers a most flattering color palette for the perfect pop and style. Fashion without ever sacrificing comfort. I have worn my Athleta clothes so many times you would think I would need a fresh shipment by now, however, it looks as great as when I first received it. The highest of quality.




Athleta also uses a technology appropriately named “Unstinkable” by Polygiene. Simply meaning you can wear it more and wash it less. Natural silver salt stops odor causing bacteria, keeping your clothes fresh and clean. BOOM. That means you don’t stink at dinner or drinks after your golf round. (Your boyfriend will thank me.) I actually wore my city jogger pants and chi tank with the snowscape crew sweater to dinner after a hot power yoga session the other night. No stink. My favorite Athleta piece? The Andale pant. I have worn this pant to work, on dates, and on the golf course. I could not be more obsessed.





Athleta is owned by Gap, Inc. Athleta stores are popping up in malls and boutique centers around the country, and fosters not only a refreshing shopping experience, but a fun community for fitness lovers. Free in-store fitness classes, group runs and events are a few of the offerings provided.





Athleta recently had a grand opening at a location near me and it just so happens the General Manager is my friend Carrie Pinnell. I was priviledged to spend an afternoon going through the latest collection and putting looks together that would look great on and off the golf course. The Athleta Frisco team was very helpful and a joy to chat athletic apparel with. I would encourage you to make the ultimate move and check out your local Athleta store to take advantage of one of the most functional, comfortable and stylish options for golf apparel. You might not have considered a “yoga” brand for golf but I assure you, your swing and stride down the fairway will never feel better.




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