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puma7It is really unfortunate that the first thing most think of, when they think of Puma Golf, is Rickie Fowler. Bright, orange, and even somewhat obnoxious to those above the age of 20. The avid golf fan, and those that frequent local golf retailers, can see past this vision. To be fair, I like Fowler and his bold look. I just wish the masses knew the look of Graham DeLaet, Will Makenzie and Blair O’Neal, as well. My point is, there is something for almost everyone in the Puma Golf collection, because their design goes beyond Oklahoma State orange flat bills.

puma5I recently received several items from Puma. As a golf apparel “guru” I am naturally also a golf apparel snob. I have to say my first instinct is always to gravitate toward labels that do not abound the golf superstores. For one, I want to stand out. Secondly, I like to support true craftsmanship and unique, well-designed details. I hate the Yankees and I don’t root for the Cowboys (even living in Dallas.) I am not a “mainstream” kinda girl.

Well, it seems I might have pre-judged. I was so impressed with the Puma items I received. Unique designs with intricate details and perfectly constructed fabrics. Comfortable, cute and functional. Stop it! The Fluid Light and Motion collections are so eye catching and fun. The pieces were flattering (well except for one cap-sleeve shirt that I didn’t enjoy) and fit perfectly. The Puma skorts are not made with flimsy shorts, they have nice actual shorts attached that stay put and don’t ride up. I have worn the skorts I have countless times, in a multitude of settings, because they are just perfect. I even wear the motion skort out country two stepping and don’t fret at all about my skirt flying up when I spin. Yes, that is a true story…when in Texas yall!

puma1puma4I can’t say enough about the offering by Puma Golf. Some of their men’s polos are a bit wacky sure, and yes, they have a few bright pants, but go online and browse the entire collection. Well constructed, well designed golf apparel. Sounds like perfection to me.


puma2Thoughts on Puma from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Erin- “The Puma Motion skort was super cute and practical. It has a high waist type fit and a wide waistband that is very flattering. I wasn’t a huge fan of the maroon cap sleeve polo. The sleeves were not very flattering because they opened in the front and looked like a shoulder wing.”


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