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adidas2 I assume you have all seen the constant posts of the Ice Bucket Challenge filling your social media timelines.  There was one post that shut all others down, in my humble opinion.  Did you catch the adidas climachill ad, featuring Dustin Johnson?  Take that fellas!  DJ skipped the bucket for the ice bath, and seemed awfully cozy.


In May, adidas Golf released their climachill technology golf apparel.  As soon as I saw the press release, I immediately wanted to try it out.  Metal beads on the back of the neck that cool?!  I live in Texas, of course I’m in!
The adidas climachill fabric creates a cooling sensation upon contact with the skin, as small aluminum dots are strategically located inside the back neck, one of the warmest areas on the body. The climachill fabric is constructed of woven titanium fibers that maximize surface contact with skin. It is a super light fabric that allows for unmatched ventilation and evaporation of sweat to keep golfers cool.


I have played in the climachill polos a couple of times already and I do actually feel great wearing this collection.  Technology aside, the design is fun and the length on the women’s polo was finally nailed.  Nothing irritates me more than when I end up wearing a crop-top every time I swing.  I felt adidas struggled in this area before, but these new shirts are much improved.

Overwhelming opinion form the Fairway Threads Review Night was that both the men’s and the women’s adidas Golf climachill offerings look great and feel great.  So, go chill out!


Thoughts on adidas Golf climachill from the Fairway Threads Review Crew: 
Amanda- “The pink adidas climachill shirt felt great! I really enjoyed wearing the outfit.”
Marisha- “The adidas climachill shirt was perfectly tailored to be fitted without awkwardly flaring at the hips like most golf shirts.  Also was not too fitted.  It was a good balance of sporty yet tailored enough to look feminine. I loved that fabric.  It breathed and the beads on the back were cool to my back upon first putting the shirt on.  adidas is a go-to brand for me.  I will probably always be loyal to them from my soccer jersey days.  Their material just breathes the best.”
Matt- “I really liked the feel of the fabric on the adidas climachill polo.  It was definitely cooler than any other golf shirt I’d worn before, particularly in the upper back area where the little metallic dots were. I wasn’t crazy about the fit of it, though. As a shorter guy, who prefers casual golf attire, I usually like to wear my shirt un-tucked, but it wasn’t conducive to that look. The shirt fit well through the shoulders, but it was really long and seemed like it was designed to be tucked-in.  If I was playing a nicer course, and planned to wear pants with it, I would buy one of the adidas climachill shirts.”
Comments from those that didn’t try adidas climachill but give it a thumbs up:
What brands would you purchase and why?
Danielle- “The adidas climachill line. I thought the climachill technology was awesome and clothes were cute without being cheesy.”
Were there any items that others tried that struck you?
Derek- “As can be expected from a soccer guy like me, I liked the look of all the adidas stuff.”

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