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The thing about fashion, that many people forgo, is that most (if not all) brands are never going to appeal to everyone.  There are some brands/collections that are very basic and therefore have a broad audience, and there are brands that are so eccentric they only attain a small following.  Designers tend to have varying opinions as to where on this spectrum a brand should fall.  I have had conversations with designers that fail to see the point of classic/traditional golf apparel collections.  However, bold and trendy looks just don’t appeal to, nor look good on, every golfer.  I would think that a collection framed around unique, but stylish, designs, and a current color palette, would do well in the golf apparel market.  And so it has.


Devereux made a smooth entrance onto the golf apparel scene at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.  Devereux caught my attention because their style was unique, yet classy.  A collection that guys would want to wear both on the golf course and off.  This totally makes sense when you understand that Devereux Creative Director and co-founder, Robert Brunner, has a background and education in fashion.  Devereux’s designs follow closely with that of the men’s fashion industry, so it does seem to appeal to a broader audience.  The brand just recently launched their Fall/Winter 2014 collection, which now includes pants.  The Devereux Lookbook is a great reference on how to dress to impress, so I encourage you to check it out.


Devereux submitted a couple of samples from their Spring/Summer 2014 collection for the Fairway Threads Review Night, held a few weeks ago.  I am being completely honest when I say that the moment I took these shirts out of the nicely packaged shipment, I was instantly obsessed with the fabric.  It is the best fabric I have felt on a golf shirt.  Period. The overall feedback from the review night is easy to summarize.  No complaints.  Not one.  Everyone in attendance, and everyone I have talked to that has tried Devereux, has only positive feedback.  Looks great, fits great, feels incredible.  What a nice place to be for Devereux, and what an obvious choice for you as a golfer.


Thoughts on Devereux from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Corey- “I thought my shirt fit great! It was lighter than a dry-fit and didn’t stick to me as much.” 

Ashton- “Great shirt with a great fit.  The cut was perfect for my build, and the styling was great.  I will definitely be a customer in the future.  I also like the Devereux shirt Corey tried.  To me, the Devereux style seemed the most current, but still unique and interesting.  I also thought their choice of fabric was great – the nicest I’ve experienced in a golf shirt.” 

Comments from those that didn’t try on Devereux but give it a thumbs up:
What brands would you purchase and why? 
Amanda- “I would buy my husband, Ashton, a Devereux shirt.  The material felt great, had an awesome style and looked good on him.”
Were there any items that others tried that struck you?  
Brad- “The Devereaux shirts just had a different style to them than other brands.  Each shirt was classic looking, with a new flair and had a wonderful fit to them.”  
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