Breaking Down Golf Fashion- 6 Looks on the Fairway

Some of you may have already read this post.  I wrote it a couple of months ago as a guest appearance on a friend’s blog.  However, I received a lot of great feedback on it so I decided to share it on Fairway Threads, as well.  Seems people like it when you make fun of golfers.  All in good fun…enjoy!

Think all golfers look the same?  Just a bunch of guys in polos, plaid pants and Titleist hats?  Let’s access the world of golf apparel a little bit further.  Below are six looks usually represented on the golf course.  Some of them should be avoided at all cost, but I’ll let you decide which could work for you.

Statement: Dad Next Door – “I’m hopelessly clueless, yet don’t seem to mind.”
Who should wear: 40-year-olds and above who are going to the local course to pay $40 to play golf at twilight, or actual Dads who are getting dragged to church and therefore have to toss on something besides a t-shirt and jeans.
Tour Pro that wears: Matt Kuchar (no apparel sponsorship), Michael Thompson (Ashworth- Do not wear Ashworth guys)
The key pieces: Khaki pants, standard brown or braided belt, plain Foot Joy golf shoes, mismatched hat and the most ordinary polo shirt you can imagine.
Comment: You better hope you have a great personality and killer smile if you are going to be respected wearing this on the golf course.  Luckily, Kuchar has both, however, he is a professional athlete who knows he is going to be on TV and in front of hundreds of people on the course.  There is no excuse for not putting more thought into how apparel choices are doing nothing to increase brand acceptance. Kuchar needs an official apparel sponsorship to help with this…STAT.
Statement: Basically Boring – “Yet somehow we still have swagger.”
Who should wear:Anyone that has the confidence of George Clooney, and therefore feel they stand out enough without adding a little color into their closet. 
Tour Pro that wears: Dustin Johnson (adidas), Colt Knost (Callaway)
The key pieces: Navy (a lot of it…all over navy), black or white polos/pants/hat.  Little to no patterns.  Golfer often states, “Blue is a color.”
Comment: It’s not that this look is bad.  Often, the apparel these guys are wearing has good lines and looks great on the golfer.  It’s just …come on! Wear some color, try some patterns.  Cause me to stop and say “ooo I like that shirt.”  Somehow, guys wearing this look, especially the tour pros listed, still seem to have swagger and have no problem attracting lovely ladies.  However, this only leads them to think this style is ok, instead of experimenting with other looks.
Statement: Golf Fashion Huh? – “I’m just a working for a living.”
Who should wear:Generally those falling into this category are no-nonsense guys, a “super athlete”, a former baseball player, etc.  Most guys falling into this category just grab a shirt from the closet, toss on some pants, and head out to the range to warm up.  I don’t think there is a lot of thought put into what they are going to wear to work that day.   
Tour Pro that wears: Tiger Woods (Nike Golf), William McGirt (adidas), Tommy Gainey (Callaway)
The key pieces: That is the whole point, there aren’t really any key pieces.  Except for Tiger on Sunday, but as long as his shirt is red and pants are black, he is good to go.
Comment: Every now and then these guys wear flattering colors or sharp polos, but don’t expect too much flare.
Statement: Whoa Holy Color! – “No, really guys, I’m super trendy.”
Who should wear:As long as guys on the course aren’t wearing Loudmouth (John Daly’s hideous apparel) or an exact replica of Rickie Fowler’s official Sunday attire, I say if you can pull it off…bring it.
Tour Pro that wears: Rickie Fowler and, Jonas Blixt (Puma Golf), Graham DeLaet and Brian Gay (Sligo Wear)
The key pieces: Bright colors, wacky patterns, matching hats and shoes.  Cool hair doesn’t hurt either.
Comment: I am actually a fan of lots of bright colors and crazy fun patterns, IF it fits the golfer’s personality.  This look is fun and is the best “bang for the buck,” as far as, increasing brand awareness and helping guys stand out goes.
Statement:By the Book – “I’m a total nerd, but I am pretty sure no one notices.
Who should wear:Guys that think they can toss on a visor, rub shoulders with a few key people, and come out shining.  Although, this seems to work for these guys, so maybe you should all try it.
Tour Pro that wears: Keegan Bradley (Tommy Hilfiger), Phil Mickelson (Callaway), Charlie Beljan (A|U|R)
The key pieces: Umm Visor, basic preppy polo shirts and overpriced exotic belts.
Comment: I was always told, “You never trust a guy wearing a visor.”  I can verify this is a good plan of action.  Avoid wearing a visor and Tommy polos guys.  
Statement:Just Right – “Take notice, I’ve got this.”
Who should wear:Everyone.  That’s why it is called just right! Take your pick. 
Tour Pro that wears: Jimmy Walker (Iliac), Bo Van Pelt (Alial Fital), Graeme McDowell (Kartel by G-Mac)
The key pieces: High performance quality pieces oozing with unique character and delightful details that really make you stop and admire the craftsmanship of this look.  
Comment: Aside from Sligo, which I feel does an excellent job with their golf apparel design, the three companies listed here are, in my opinion, the best in golf.  The style is different because no detail is overlooked.  Luxury and performance are perfectly mixed. 

So, do you still think all golfers look the same?  The hardest sport in the world is the easiest to make a fashion statement during.  It can be done so well, or it can be totally butchered.  If you plan on spending the day on the golf course, take some of my tips and try to adjust your personal golf style.  Make note of how well you are received by the ladies at the 19th hole afterward to see if you are on the right track! 

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