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qed3QED Style was launched in 2011.  The brand sponsors a handful of interesting Web.Com and “mini-tour” golfers, and has been a part of the golf apparel buzz for a few years now.  However, led by the talented and charming Mike McRae, QED has been destined to flourish to more than just a small name in the industry.  After recently earning a buyers choice award at the PGA Fashion Show in Las Vegas, and landing a deal with the famed Riviera Country Club, I think it is safe to say the new kid on the block is now running for sheriff.

The rustic and western design of QED Style appeals to a wide variety of guys across the US. Golf is a preppy sport, but not all guys are drawn to the Sea Island style of pastel palettes and embroidered belts.  McRae’s roots have inspired a style that is attractive and provides an easy fit for golfers.  Maybe this girl from the southwest is biased, but I am drawn to this collection.  Plus, you can’t help but support a guy like McRae and the team he has surrounded his brand with.  Last, don’t fail to check out the new belts QED offers.  Absolute standouts.


Thoughts on QED Style from the Fairway Threads Review Crew:

Derek- “I like things simple, but the Torrey polo was a little too simple for me. The design aspect that stood out was only seen when the collar was popped, which I would never do.  The fabric also had a very heavy feel.  I would not wear this in the summer on the course. I could use it in the fall/early spring, but that’s it.”

Matt- “The QED Logan was my favorite shirt that I, or anyone else, wore during the shoot. It fit well, un-tucked, and was cool and comfortable. The pearl snap buttons are really interesting on a golf shirt and the structured collar will keep you from looking like a slob at the 19th hole.”

What brands would you purchase and why?

Matt- “I’ll probably buy another QED shirt soon. Their collection is exactly the style of golf shirt I like, and I’d wear it with jeans on a summer night out.”

qed1QED Style

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