Introducing: 18th & Main

I have never launched an apparel line. However, I have worked with enough brave people that have to know it is not an easy journey. Only those dedicated to doing things right and doing the right things have lasting success. I believe that the creators of 18th & Main have taken this path. The result? A new destination at the… Read more →


True Genius

You know a product is worth the investment when every guy you talk to that has tried it could write their own blog post on how much they value the many features it offers, and you hear multiple times that it is “genius.” Meet NexBelt, the belt with no holes. I had never heard of NexBelt till this past May… Read more →

The Fabric of Our Game

I mentioned in my previous post that there were two consistent elements that caught my attention, across several brands, at the PGA fashion show last month in Las Vegas. The first was great-looking and unique belts. The second was a high focus on fabric. This may seem obvious for an athletic apparel showcase. However, the debate and buzz around new… Read more →


New Sheriff In Town

QED Style was launched in 2011.  The brand sponsors a handful of interesting Web.Com and “mini-tour” golfers, and has been a part of the golf apparel buzz for a few years now.  However, led by the talented and charming Mike McRae, QED has been destined to flourish to more than just a small name in the industry.  After recently earning… Read more →

Buckle Down

Think about Elvis for a minute. Not the young, attractive, movie star Elvis. Vegas Elvis. What is he wearing, besides the hideous bejeweled jumpsuit? How about the massive belt buckle statement piece? I just recently attended the PGA Fashion show in Las Vegas. Let me assure you, the belts represented at the show might not have been the overpowering accessory… Read more →


Piece of Me

Yeah, I totally went to see Brittney in Vegas this week. Incredibly talented performer! And though I’m sure the fabric on Brittney’s swift moving body was highly technical, of course, there was another collection of designs that captured the majority of my focus while in Vegas. Viva PGA Fashion Show! I am pretty sure the girl beside me on the… Read more →


Step Up to the Throne

Forget the whole being treated like a princess nonsense! Why not be treated like a queen? UK based Bunker Mentality’s women’s line, Queen of the Green, will gladly put a crown on you. All over you, as a matter of fact. I have to be honest and say I don’t exactly remember when, or how, I first heard of Bunker… Read more →

No Complaints

The thing about fashion, that many people forgo, is that most (if not all) brands are never going to appeal to everyone.  There are some brands/collections that are very basic and therefore have a broad audience, and there are brands that are so eccentric they only attain a small following.  Designers tend to have varying opinions as to where on… Read more →


Chill Out!

I assume you have all seen the constant posts of the Ice Bucket Challenge filling your social media timelines.  There was one post that shut all others down, in my humble opinion.  Did you catch the adidas climachill ad, featuring Dustin Johnson?  Take that fellas!  DJ skipped the bucket for the ice bath, and seemed awfully cozy. In May, adidas… Read more →