Missy Maude 2

Perfectly Balanced

  Spring Shoot 15- Best Ladies Shirt- Missy Maude Blue Azalea Polo   Sometimes I wonder if people ever read my posts. Oh, I know people read my tweets and check out the pictures on my Instagram or blog, but I wonder how many dive into the offering of my work to see what I am really about. Too often… Read more →

Fashion First

  Often people interchange the terms “golf apparel” and “golf fashion.” People ask me, “Oh, you cover golf fashion?” The reply is no, because I cover golf apparel, whether it is considered “fashion” or not. Not all golf apparel is fashion by definition, or “a popular trend for a particular time.” The topic of golf fashion is of interest to… Read more →


At the Soul Shop

  Spring Shoot 15- Best Men’s Shorts- Linksoul Solid Boardwalker Short (Aqua)   One of my favorite bands is a Texas band called Prophets and Outlaws. They describe themselves as “a southern rock band with soul.” They have a solid jam called “Soul Shop” that I could listen to on repeat. Part of the lyrics paint a picture of a… Read more →

Nothin’ But Nike

  I have zero facts to back this up, but I would venture to say, that if you had everyone on earth play the game show Family Fued and you had “Athletic Apparel” as one of the categories, “Nike” would be the top guessed answer. Nike and sports just go hand-in-hand like Nelly and gold teeth. Nike has made a… Read more →

Few of My Favorite Things

GFORE Gloves I have encouraged followers many times to “add a pop of color” to your golf apparel and find ways to make your look appropriately fun and unique. This is just the thing GFORE does best. Help golfers stand out with style. If you haven’t heard of GFORE gloves by now, I would be shocked. The brand was built… Read more →


The Ultimate Move

I was hanging out at a buddy’s house the other day and his brother gets all excited to show me his new favorite golf shorts. They were Lululemon Athletica. You have likely heard of this mega yoga & running clothing brand. Guys have been starting to wear Lulu for golf because of their comfort & versitility. My friend said the… Read more →

Perfectly Puma

It is really unfortunate that the first thing most think of, when they think of Puma Golf, is Rickie Fowler. Bright, orange, and even somewhat obnoxious to those above the age of 20. The avid golf fan, and those that frequent local golf retailers, can see past this vision. To be fair, I like Fowler and his bold look. I… Read more →

Augusta Green

Tall girls beware. As my tall sisters already know, trying to find a golf dress that is appropriate to wear in public (read: when you bend over the whole world doesn’t get a free show) is near impossible. I wish I could let you know that I have the perfect solution for you here in this post. Sadly, I cannot.… Read more →