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Sligo Wear, 13A, golf apparel

You know those stores in the mall where you can’t quite put your finger on it but they are just fun to be in? The clothes are bright and unique, there is music playing while you bop around browsing and the sales reps are hip and interesting. Sure, you hold up a few pieces off the rack and ask yourself, “are they serious with this?!” You will also, however, walk away with at least one purchase that gets you way more compliments than all the other items in your closet combined. Welcome to Sligo Wear Inc.

Golf is one of those sports you either love or you don’t so much.  People tell me all the time they don’t understand how I can watch golf.  The terms, “I’d rather watch paint dry” and “I watch golf if I want to take a Sunday nap” are often expressed.  To some golf is in a word: boring.  Though I enjoy the classic tradition and majestic views of the golf course, the sport needs color.  Someone simply had to turn up the fun.  If you have watched any amount of PGA Tour action in 2013 you have seen the new 13A collection by Sligo.  With tour staffers Brian Gay and Graham Delaet earning some well deserved TV coverage, it is hard to miss the bold, bright memorable pallet that is Sligo Wear.  One visit to their website instantly affirms Sligo’s solid hip factor.   I immediately started dancing.  Though it doesn’t take much to get me to dance, I suppose.

Moving into the third round of the Honda Classic, Team Sligo tour pro, Graham DeLaet was tied for third on the leaderboard.  DeLaet finised with a shared ninth place finish for the week at PGA National.  A somewhat forgetable finish.  You should remember, though, the steel plaid paints and black Kern v-neck sweater DeLaet wore Saturday.  Proof that it doesn’t take a an entire crayon box to make a statement.  Sligo Wear does do a fabulous job of mixing color and patterns.  While there will be items we all may question, the answer is still yes.  Yes, you should totally take some chances and explore the fun and daring world of Sligo Wear for yourself.  We cant’ play it safe all the time guys.

Sligo Wear, 13A, golf apparel
Sligo Wear, 13A, golf apparel
Sligo Wear, 13A, golf apparel

Browse the Sligo Wear Inc 13A collection or dance around your living room here: http://sligowear.com/


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  1. Anonymous
    March 4, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    I must get those pants!!

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