Smooth Entrance- Interview with Devereux Golf

One of my favorite things about the first of the year in the golf apparel industry is there is usually a fresh new company that comes onto the scene and captures the attention of us golf fashion gurus.  I like seeing a new collection and get excited to see how its launch plays out.  It doesn’t always fair well though.  A couple of years ago a company called Evan Golf previewed at the PGA Merchandise Show and I was instantly obsessed.  Too bad I never had the opportunity to own a single piece from their collection as Evan Golf is still “in the process of establishing a selective channel of retailers.” Sigh.  On the other end hand, sometimes a new face hits the golf apparel world and makes an immediate impact.  Such is the case with Devereux – Proper Threads.

Devereux is the name of creator Robert Brunner’s grandmother and the namesake of this fine label.  The family ties continue as the company is also ran by older brother, and director of operations, Will Brunner.  Robert’s sister Claire also aides in the operational efforts.  What makes this label, ran by a family from Fort Worth, Texas, so different?  Robert and Will share their thoughts below, and you will see how their influence would easily make for a successful venture.  I’ll tell you one thing, Devereux has made a smooth entrance into the industry by instantly capturing the attention of connoisseurs of stylish and quality golf apparel.  I absolutely love the Devereux look and was immediately intrigued. It is clean and attractive but also current.  Check out what the guys have to say and take a look at the Devereux collection here.

Name: Robert Brunner 
Title: Creative Director/Designer – Devereux
Why do you do what you do?  
Have you ever felt so strongly about one thing?  Have you felt that you can make a difference about that one thing?  I can answer YES to these two questions and that is why I do what I do.  I have passion for fashion design and golf.  I believe my vision and design can make a difference in this market.
What looks good/makes a golfer stand out on the golf course?
Proper fit of his/her clothing and the dapperness of the outfit.  Everyone has their own sense of style, it is part of their personality, but the way to draw positive attention is if your clothes fit and you look well put together.
What should not be worn on the golf course?
Besides anything that is not deemed appropriate for the course, I would say two or more loud pieces.  By this I mean you can wear one loud shirt with a mellow bottom or vice versa.  If you are wearing two loud items then you are trying to hard.  Try leaving the plaid at home – the 90s and early 2000s are exhausted.
Describe your personal golf apparel style:
I like for my clothes to fit properly.  I have a very refined and tailored look.  Slim fit pants, proper fitting Devereux shirt and of course, I have to include the flat bill hat.  The flat bill hat plays into my youthfulness and carefree attitude.
Why is attention to golf fashion important?
I think in anything you do in life you should look good.
To Quote Deion Sanders  “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.”
I feel like attention to your on-course fashion will give you confidence to play better.
Tell us something interesting about you we may not know: 
This was a question I answered every time for the first day of all my fashion classes.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology.
Name: Will Brunner
Title: Older Brother and Director of Operations – Devereux
What inspired the creation of your brand? 
Mens fashion has evolved significantly over the last few years, and there was a noticeable void in the evolution of golf apparel.  Though the game itself has grown immensely over the past decade, the apparel sector has stayed fairly stagnant, especially with the recent rise in men’s fashion.  This void, coupled with our love of the game, brought us to where we are today.

What looks good/makes a golfer stand out on the golf course?
Two-under always looks good and will make a golfer stand out especially if they are consistent.  But for apparel, it is the creative elegance a golfer is able to put together.  If a golfer is well put together, then there is an aurora, an automatic quiet confidence, that he exudes on the course.  

What should not be worn on the golf course?
Everyone has their own style.  If you feel comfortable in what you are wearing, then go ahead and wear it.  My brother always says that if you are comfortable, then you are not killing it (style).  It’s fun to push the envelope with fashion, just don’t get too crazy and take it too far.  If people are constantly looking at you, then you have done something wrong.

Why is attention to golf fashion important?
Attention to golf fashion is important because men’s fashion has changed significantly. We have created a brand that is fresh and is able to set itself apart without being to loud and over the top.  You can easily spot a player that knows how to dress because he is well tailored with a sophisticated style.  Those two characters will transcend into the way he carries himself.
Describe your brand’s style:
The Devereux style is a fresh, modern, fashion-forward take on golf apparel.  It’s for the golfer that appreciates the finer things in life, but never takes himself to seriously.  For the socialite, but the one with a quiet confidence.
Why should golfers buy your brand?
Devereux offers a modern fit, which is not considered a slim fit or a regular fit.  We ride right in between the two.  Our fit is something that we pride ourselves on. A lot of time and effort was spent nailing down the perfect Devereux fit.  
We also do not skimp on quality or attention to detail.  We use Pima Cotton in both our Jersey and our Pique polo shirts.  Pima Cotton is a high end natural fiber that has longer staple and softer hand than other cottons on the market.  
We also use a Baby Alpaca / Pima Cotton blend in our sweaters.  Baby Alpaca comes from soft fine hair from the underbelly of an Alpaca.  We choose to blend Baby Alpaca and Pima Cotton and the result is an extraordinary hand as well as a superb insulate and we are able to do this all while keeping the sweater light weight.
What does the future hold for your brand? 
I have never been good a predicting the future.  We have had a great deal of success in the very short time we have been a brand and are much further than where I thought we would have been six months ago.  It is fun to see how appreciative and accepting all the clubs and resorts have been towards our brand and, to watch the success they are having amongst their patrons.  There are a lot of exciting things happening at Devereux right now, and some pretty cool stuff coming out in the near future, especially in our Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 collections.

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