Powerful Partnership: Iliac Golf & Jimmy Walker

Bert LaMar, Jimmy Walker
So much of life is about relationships.  Surrounding yourself with people that are well suited to help you enjoy life, accomplish your goals and put forth your best.   One of the most important things to develop in life is strong, successful partnerships.  It seems Jimmy Walker is a man that understands this notion. 
Prior to the 2013 season, Walker’s agent, Thomas Parker, expressed that he really wanted Walker to “stand out” on tour and wear a unique apparel line that would help him do so.  It’s simple product marketing.  Like it or not, the tour pro is a product, a brand.  One of a golfer’s objectives must be to find ways to stand out and create a style that will increase their brand awareness.  So, I give Walker credit for partnering with an agent that is not only smart, but knew the absolute best choice for Walker in an apparel company to achieve this goal.  Parker got Walker connected with Bert LaMar, founder of Iliac Golf, creating one powerful partnership.
Bert LaMar, Jimmy Walker
 Beginning in 2011, the face of Iliac golf on the PGA Tour was 2007 Masters Champion, Zach Johnson.  After, two years, Johnson moved his agreement to Oakley, along with 2012 Masters Champ, Bubba Watson.  Johnson was a fantastic ambassador for Iliac, as the classic style fit his character perfectly.  This void left LaMar in need of another tour representative, one that would help his brand continue to flourish.  The doors opened on both sides, and I am positive there is no one on tour more fitting for this role with Iliac than Jimmy Walker.  Actually, I’m not sure who benefits the most from this alignment, which solidifies the partnership even more.    
It’s been a pleasure and honor to work with, play golf with and become friends with JW this year,” says LaMar.  “Jimmy embodies all the qualities I look for in a player. There are lots of guys with talent, but Jimmy is a first class gentleman, professional, family man and most important he is a pure golfer.”  LaMar continues, “Jimmy is serious about all aspects of golf including his equipment, fitness and apparel. Together we are pushing the envelope in design, style and function.”
Bert LaMar, Jimmy Walker
In 2012 Walker had six top ten finishes and only five missed cuts.  He is a fun player to watch and has a lot of grit.  However, Parker was wise to suggest Walker needed to do more to propel himself into a golfer people would easily recall.  Walker has had a strong start in 2013, finishing inside the top 25 in four out of six events, no missed cuts and a third place finish at Pebble Beach.  Some TV time has definitely been earned, and Walker has looked so sharp in his custom made Iliac threads, there has surely been ROI for LaMar.  I know for a fact, at least one new Iliac fan has come from this unity. 
Perhaps, Walker has no stronger partnership than that of his headstrong and lovely wife Erin Walker.  (Quite entertaining to follow on Twitter @tourwifetravels)  The opinion of a wife always weighs heavily when it comes to what a man is wearing, after all, she knows best what works for her husband and what does not.  “So far, we have LOVED the clothing,” says Erin.  “Iliac has been great about supplying Jimmy with plenty of items.  Golfers are pretty hard on their apparel, so it’s great that Bert has been so accommodating.   Plus, everything is custom made for Jimmy so it fits perfectly!”  Erin likes the Iliac style so much, she has convinced LaMar to create a few works of art for her to hit the fairways in, as she supports her husband on the road.  Erin expressed, “We are really happy with the relationship (with Iliac) so far, now if I can just get Bert to make some great, slim fitting women’s stuff!”   Attention ladies, we will be reaping the benefit of this persuasion.  I already have a fabulous Iliac Rancher polo on delivery and, you should order yours right away too.   

It’s important to develop strong, successful partnerships in life.  LaMar has built a fine group of brand representatives for Iliac in addition to Walker, including new sponsorship agreements with PGA Tour pros Jin Park and Matt Jones.  There is also a growing group of pro golfers using the elite collection of personalized Iliac leather head covers.  The powerful partnership of Jimmy Walker with Iliac Golf will only continue to grow the awareness of both brands involved, and in the business of golf, that is the goal.  Finding those you can partner with to achieve your goals, is success.  
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 Bert LaMar, Jimmy Walker 

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