Buckle Down

JL1Think about Elvis for a minute. Not the young, attractive, movie star Elvis. Vegas Elvis. What is he wearing, besides the hideous bejeweled jumpsuit? How about the massive belt buckle statement piece? I just recently attended the PGA Fashion show in Las Vegas. Let me assure you, the belts represented at the show might not have been the overpowering accessory Elvis would approve of, but they certainly made a statement.

Beach-Glass-Iron-2Of course, everyone wants to know what stood out to me among the exhibitors spanning the Venetian last week. There are a few key stories and collections I will showcase in coming posts, but there are two consistent elements that caught my attention across several brands. The first: supremely attractive belts.

JL3From J.Lindeberg rose gold logo buckles, to hand crafted and unique QED Style buckles to the exotic Francis Edward straps of every color. There was a lot to catch the eye. So much in fact, that the choice to wear a tacky white belt makes even less sense than it already did. A belt is one of the easiest ways to add true style and character to a look. The best pop of color can be injected via a beautiful reptile skin. Just don’t get obnoxious and opt for the matching solid skin shoe, as Phil would. Francis Edward offers the ability to add contrast stitching for that “something extra” style. I mean…there is no point in having crimson without the cream. Am I right?!

FE1I have to say, I had seen images of the new QED Style belts, but it wasn’t until seeing them in person did it resonate how fantastic the design. Each version is interesting and striking. It is no surprise QED Style earned a PGA Show award for top buyer’s choice.

QED2QED1Buckle down and take a look at some of the best belt options in the industry. If you wear it confidently and add a little swagger to your swing, I am sure Elvis would approve after all.

JL2Shop the brands showcased here:

Francis Edward


QED Style

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  1. Scotti M
    September 16, 2014 at 1:19 am

    Like these belts. Would wear them.

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